Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Last night at our EG meeting we had the pleasure of Lynda Monk of  http://purplemissus.blogspot.com/ fame.

What a wonderful evening, Lynda told us that it was the first time she had done a talk – well you would never have thought so, but guessed that from her 25 years of leading a Brownie pack!   Must take my hat off to her for that, I only managed 10 years with the scouts as Barloo!!

Her work is stunning, the photos in her book does not do it justice, came away fully inspired, she said that she is doing some workshops with Artvago,


Rusty, Crusty Surfaces (two-day workshop)

Tutor: Lynda Monk

Wed 23rd June - Thurs 24th June

On the first day of this two-day workshop we will be exploring several mixed media techniques to create samples of rusty, crusty surfaces to use as backgrounds for further embellishment or to incorporate into larger pieces of work.
On day two we will be using some of the techniques to create vessels, bowls or book covers and looking at ways of displaying or storing the samples for future reference.

See also Thurs 4th Mar

Will check it out with Sharne and see if we can do the two day one she mentioned together.  But failing that she has promised to do a workshop for our Guild sometime this summer, so we may have to wait for that.  She had so much information to share, I don't really think it would matter if we did both!

Lynda also told us about her website where there are tutorials on some of the methods that she uses.  She was very generous with the knowledge that she shared, I came away from the evening with several new ideas, tea bags, caustic soda and potassium magnate (I think) dose something, cant quite remember what though!!

A few pictures from last night, but on Lynda’s blog you can see the pieces in their full glory.

IMG_5916 IMG_5913 Need to remember to take camera off macro when taking normal pictures!! IMG_5915

Thank you Lynda for a wonderfully inspiring talk and fro your generosity, Lynda had made us all a pack of postcards up with a piece of her lutrador and instructions in and there was about 80 of us last night.

Must find time, not only to write my blog, but keep up to date with all those other textile blogs out there……………