Tuesday, 9 February 2010

PTTLS and Yvonne Pedretti

Now this will most probably be my most exciting blog to date!!!!!!!

Just got back from my evening class where we have been learning all about schemes of work and factors which affect course design and I thought I would just share this little bit of knowledge with you.


I was particularly impressed with the artistically drawn horse in the bottom right hand corner!!!  It bares no relevance to the matter in hand, but there was a space and it needed filling.

I have just checked my emails to find this sad piece of news and felt that I should write about Yvonne.

Yvonne Pedretti died last night, cancer and early 60s, so sad, too young and so inspirational.  This is a piece of Yvonne’s work, it is taken from EAST’s website, link below, this will take you to a video link of Yvonne and her work.

Yvonne Pedretti-virtual tour

Yvonne was in charge of the C&Gs course that Sharne, Margaret, Deb and Helen did at Southend College and she was a member of EAST    http://www.easttextile.co.uk/artists.html

Condolences to her Mother who she leaves behind and her many close friends.