Sunday, 14 February 2010

Preparing for next weekend

Packed up everything (I hope) that I need for the workshop that I am doing with Ferrrers Quilters next Saturday.  Doing the Ploughed Field – Stitch to Paint.  That is a really fun workshop to do and look forward to seeing their results.

Then on Sunday Sharne and I are off the Textiles in Focus, I am giving a workshop called ‘Sizzling Stitches’ thIMG_5911ought I better write up a hand out and of course a lesson plan now that I am learning to do it properly!!     

Have also written my learning journal and fourth essay for my PTTLS class.

Then computer decided not to work so spent ages trying to sort that out – but it is going now – was trying to send an email that was too big and it didn't like it.

Then up to Mums for Sunday lunch – yummy.  Rob and Mel came along with Millie Mai xx



And this evening has been spent doing some preparation for the P&Q grouIMG_5908p that will be starting Thursday afternoons after half term.  They wanted to learn Japanese folded patchwork, this is a bag that I enjoyed making ages ago, so thought this would be a good project for us to start with, so am busying myself doing samples and trying to work out how I made it!!

So a fairly quite weekend………….