Monday, 22 February 2010

More days should be like today

Woke up slowly to the sound of heavy rain.  Love the feeling of being snug and warm and hearing the rain pounding on the windows.IMG_5963

My day of play.  Started off by giving the work room a once over, even wiped the surfaces over with a bit of Ajax!

Then decided to see what the runt paint did that Sharne made me buy yesterday.  I also remember her saying that you could use wire wool to create rust, and I thought I was being clever as every one says that Pearl Ex powders are made of meta so thought these would rust and also thought Lumiere had metal in them.  So I painted lots of samples and then applied the rusting agent and some patina that I already had and left it to do its magic.


Un impressed, the rust worked on the metal paint that we bought with the activator and the wire wool, but not on anything else.  But at least I now know which mediums to concentrate on and that, under Sharne’s guidance, my money yesterday was well spent!!

And then it was down to the serious stuff.  You may remember ages ago I tried to use Jenny Langley’s method of working to make a vase, and it all ended up being a bit of a disaster so I used my tried and tested method to make the vessel for TIF (water soluble paper and stitch).  But after speaking to Jenny yesterday, she said that she had used silk string as a support for hers, so today I decided to have another go and try and make a sample to see if I can get it to work out.

My inspiration, I am working on barriers, this is work that has been developed from ‘pig wire’


Drew rough design onto sticky back dissolvable film (Having a senior moment and cant remember name!) then laid the thicker silk string down the vertical lines and covered with ‘Juliette’ dissolvable film


      IMG_5981I then stitched the horizontal wires in and wrapped these round the vertical threads.

Once the hand stitching was done I zig-zagged up and down and across making sure the stitches followed the line of the thread.  I then free machined in straight stitch around some of it and in particular around the wrapping wires, this I hoped would give the wrappings definition.


 Juilette side sticky back plastic side! 


Then it was time to see if it had worked! 

And yes, her it is all washed out and I am really pleased with it.

What I would like to do is to do is to make this into a 3D shape, curling round up into a spiral, not quite sure how I will do this.  In my mind it is stood on a Perspex spiral type staircase, but where I would get one of those goodness knows.  Perhaps I now need to learn how to make things out of  Perspex, as there is also a picture frame still waiting to be obtained!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_5990 IMG_5988

After playing it was back to reality, finished the assignment for college – boring.  And put the finishing touches on to the P&Q classes that will be running on Thursday, looking forward to these, they will be a new challenge for me and hopefully will have the added bonus of getting me thinking in layers again so that I can become inspired again with my diploma work, but that is on hold until I know all is well with Dad.

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dianehobbit said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day off, you certainly had a productive one. Thinking of you and your family! See you on Wed for the Regional EG meeting, I wonder what cakes we will get this time?