Monday, 8 February 2010


Just in case I have not got enough to do, Sharne has come up with a good idea of a group challenge.

This is the email I got:

Hi All

To cut a very long story short, there was a good article in QA  ( page 66) this month which I  mentioned to Nickie when we HAD to go to Cottenham yesterday. Nickie has read the article now, and said yes, now its up to the rest of you.

The suggestion is to run a Round Robin Challenge, we would use the guidelines from the magazine.  For those of you who don't have this magazine, Nickie will email you a copy of the article.

The length of time the challenge will run depending on how many  of us are brave enough to take part, hopefully everyone.

Month 1 - Create  fabric by dye, stamping etc.  Size to be agreed at a later date. Pass it on to next person.

Month 2 -Quilt fabric to felt or batting and pass it on.

Month 3 - Cut up cloth and reassemble into a new non-rectangular shape with a backing fabric.  Pass it on to next person.

Month 4 - Embellish with stitching, beads etc.  Pass it on.

Month 5  - In QA they made it into a vessel by folding, pleating and stitching.  We could do the same or make it into something else.  Pass it back to the first person who created the fabric. Round Robin completed.

  I suggest that we take a month for each part to allow for Nickie’s  and Margaret's  extra busy life.

I also suggest that we should aim to start it March 1st.  And lastly we need a theme- suggestions???????

Please let me know what you all think.



and the link:


sounds like fun

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