Saturday, 6 February 2010

Butterfly Mobile at Bishops Hall

Another fabulous day at Brentwood, we had some new faces today but it was not long until you could not tell to old from the new.

 IMG_5844 IMG_5846  IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5845  IMG_5851





Our Group busily working away and our end of day group photo


and the finished pieces, or almost…..

craft arena

I did have one little blip, and that was that I forgot to say on the requirements list that they all needed sharp scissors with points on the end, I said scissors , and assumed they would know which ones I meant.   Luckily enough I realised this before the day, but too late to let everyone know.  Craft Arena came to my rescue and lent me their entire stock of embroidery scissors, just in case we needed them,  THANK YOU Denise.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Liz who made me this lovely card and bought me these tubes of beads, as I assume she had remembered that I had coveted hers :-)  !!!

And Pam bought in her finished master piece that we had been working on last Thursday.


Once I have a couple of spare hours, I will go through all my photos of the Thursday Group’s Work and post a selection on my blog for you all to see.  They have all set the bench mark very high, so I will need to keep on my toes if I want to work with them all again in September!!!!

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