Sunday, 28 February 2010

All play and no work

Started today off by preparing next Thursdays lesson, am enjoying doing some straight forward patch work again.  I am trying to provide clearer instructions, so am photographing each step, the problem is that sometimes I get a bit carried away and forget what I am doing!

So far we have made the 14 circles, next week hopefully they will make the handles and join them. 

My handles so far…..

 DSCF1340 DSCF1339

…. must recover that ironing board, rather the worse for wear after the transfer paint session!

Then it was back to playing with my quilted arches, painting time :-)

DSCF1341 DSCF1342 DSCF1344 DSCF1345

Cleaned the care ready to go to its makers :-(

Walked Ralph, rather muddy, carried him over the worst of the puddles, he is becoming a bit of a wimp!

Had a lovely chat with Kirsty, apparently her Dad has given her a photo album of the photos we had taken before I left, she  was talking me through these, some of the images that she was describing were very vivid. Cant wait to see them for myself.

Then watched Larkrise to Candleford and finished the evening by painting the last of the railings on my picture whilst listening to Elton John.

Tomorrow, when it has dried, I will paint dye onto the background, have dyed the sunset already as I wanted this to dry first so that it did not bleed into the sky, well that is the plan any way………….

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