Friday, 5 February 2010

15 weeks later

Last night was my last night of my first course at Bishops Hill.  I was really quite sad to see it come to an end, i have made some lovely new friends and hope that at least some of them will risk coming back to the class again nest September.

Beg Emb

Jill gave me this lovely thank  you card!  it is me trying to get Peter’s £25 machine to work!!!! 

 Last weeks work, knitted wire with snippets this weeks project, which is just a developement from last weeks





Pat used last weeks idea and carried on knitting to make an insert for a book cover. Pam finished her Stomacher Jackie made this wonderful picture using the techniques we have learned over the last 15 weeks

These are just the photos of the work that I have on my camera tonight.  The group have worked really well together and produced some truly stunning work.


Tomorrow I am back at Bishops Hall again, this time we will be playing with sheers and soldering irons!!!

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dianehobbit said...

It is such a shame that I had to miss the last four weeks of the course. You are truley inspirational! I can't wait for September to sign up for the next course, plus up with lots of the class again. Well done Nickie!