Sunday, 28 February 2010

Couldn’t wait…


and now wrapped up and set to rest in the airing cupboard :-)

All play and no work

Started today off by preparing next Thursdays lesson, am enjoying doing some straight forward patch work again.  I am trying to provide clearer instructions, so am photographing each step, the problem is that sometimes I get a bit carried away and forget what I am doing!

So far we have made the 14 circles, next week hopefully they will make the handles and join them. 

My handles so far…..

 DSCF1340 DSCF1339

…. must recover that ironing board, rather the worse for wear after the transfer paint session!

Then it was back to playing with my quilted arches, painting time :-)

DSCF1341 DSCF1342 DSCF1344 DSCF1345

Cleaned the care ready to go to its makers :-(

Walked Ralph, rather muddy, carried him over the worst of the puddles, he is becoming a bit of a wimp!

Had a lovely chat with Kirsty, apparently her Dad has given her a photo album of the photos we had taken before I left, she  was talking me through these, some of the images that she was describing were very vivid. Cant wait to see them for myself.

Then watched Larkrise to Candleford and finished the evening by painting the last of the railings on my picture whilst listening to Elton John.

Tomorrow, when it has dried, I will paint dye onto the background, have dyed the sunset already as I wanted this to dry first so that it did not bleed into the sky, well that is the plan any way………….

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Like old times :-)

Sharne and I have not had a play day for ages and what fun we had.

We had decided to try our hands at the rust dying technique that Lynda Monk  told us about at EG last week, but the solutions needed to cool before we could get started so we decided to do some printing . We had decided to try our hands at the rust dying technique that Linda Monk told us about at EG last week, but the solutions needed to cool before we could get started so we decided to do some printing.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I had admired Jenny Langleys technique and that I had wanted to experiment with that and had made the stitched sample.  Well Jenny then uses this sample to print with using oil paints and a commercial printing press, I don't have access to one of those but Sharne has this marvellous gadget that she uses to make stencils so we used that and got some wonderful results.

 IMG_6022 IMG_6025  IMG_6029 IMG_6030 IMG_6027

By this time our dye baths had cooled, one had tea bags and the other had caustic soda and ferrous sulphate.

Needless to say we did not manage to stick to the instructions but it did not seem to matter, we actually found that we were more pleased with the results if you dipped them twice, sprinkled with salt and  then sprayed them with neat bleach !

Sharne’s son returned home wanting something to eat and thought we had completely lost the plot when he walked into the kitchen to find this……….


……….instead of his loving Mother slaving over a hot stove!

IMG_6046  IMG_6038   IMG_6042

We found that we had made these wonderful rust like papers, but the rust just sitting on the surface of the tyvek, so the next task was to try and work out how to seal it.

Brushing it with acrylic wax just moved the rust about and you just got a mess with brush strokes in it, then tried hair spray (well it works on charcoal!) but not on this. The eureka, Sharne tried just dabbing the wax on rather than brushing it and it worked.

Because we were doing it in doors and did not have the time or space to leave it to dry naturally, we used hairdryers to hurry the process along.  We both think you will get better results if they are left to cure in their own time.  So a day will need to be pencilled in for the summer.

Thanks Sharne, I have had a great day x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

All in a days work


Last night was my PTTLS course, some of the more interesting stuff that we did!!!

Did wrong subject for my assignment, prepared essay T4 as last one we did was T3, but we were meant to hand in T5!!

Maybe my heart is not this at the moment………….



But this morning I noticed that Spring had sprung, snow drops are just peeping through.

Today is a fun work day, jeans are the attire as opposed to having to be ‘appropriately’ dressed for the office!!  We are off to the Ivory Rooms for Break Away training.  We had two lovely guys teaching us various holds and moves …….

   IMG_6001 IMG_5999


Home earlier than normal so plenty of time to pack up for my first P&Q workshop at Basildon – really looking forward to that, but a little concerned that the trolley isn't as full as it should be, but cant think what I have forgotten.

Even managed to do a bit of sewing, the plan for this one is to quilt it to death, then do a bit of hand sewing on it for texture, paint the IMG_6002raised areas with gesso and then dye it and then paint the railings,arches etc with acrylic.

Then it was off to Junes to start the serious planning for our Regional day that Chelmsford is hosting on 2nd July 2011.  


Monday, 22 February 2010

More days should be like today

Woke up slowly to the sound of heavy rain.  Love the feeling of being snug and warm and hearing the rain pounding on the windows.IMG_5963

My day of play.  Started off by giving the work room a once over, even wiped the surfaces over with a bit of Ajax!

Then decided to see what the runt paint did that Sharne made me buy yesterday.  I also remember her saying that you could use wire wool to create rust, and I thought I was being clever as every one says that Pearl Ex powders are made of meta so thought these would rust and also thought Lumiere had metal in them.  So I painted lots of samples and then applied the rusting agent and some patina that I already had and left it to do its magic.


Un impressed, the rust worked on the metal paint that we bought with the activator and the wire wool, but not on anything else.  But at least I now know which mediums to concentrate on and that, under Sharne’s guidance, my money yesterday was well spent!!

And then it was down to the serious stuff.  You may remember ages ago I tried to use Jenny Langley’s method of working to make a vase, and it all ended up being a bit of a disaster so I used my tried and tested method to make the vessel for TIF (water soluble paper and stitch).  But after speaking to Jenny yesterday, she said that she had used silk string as a support for hers, so today I decided to have another go and try and make a sample to see if I can get it to work out.

My inspiration, I am working on barriers, this is work that has been developed from ‘pig wire’


Drew rough design onto sticky back dissolvable film (Having a senior moment and cant remember name!) then laid the thicker silk string down the vertical lines and covered with ‘Juliette’ dissolvable film


      IMG_5981I then stitched the horizontal wires in and wrapped these round the vertical threads.

Once the hand stitching was done I zig-zagged up and down and across making sure the stitches followed the line of the thread.  I then free machined in straight stitch around some of it and in particular around the wrapping wires, this I hoped would give the wrappings definition.


 Juilette side sticky back plastic side! 


Then it was time to see if it had worked! 

And yes, her it is all washed out and I am really pleased with it.

What I would like to do is to do is to make this into a 3D shape, curling round up into a spiral, not quite sure how I will do this.  In my mind it is stood on a Perspex spiral type staircase, but where I would get one of those goodness knows.  Perhaps I now need to learn how to make things out of  Perspex, as there is also a picture frame still waiting to be obtained!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_5990 IMG_5988

After playing it was back to reality, finished the assignment for college – boring.  And put the finishing touches on to the P&Q classes that will be running on Thursday, looking forward to these, they will be a new challenge for me and hopefully will have the added bonus of getting me thinking in layers again so that I can become inspired again with my diploma work, but that is on hold until I know all is well with Dad.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

What a great weekend

Up early this morning, no time to Ralph poor Ralph though as Sharne and I wanted to get to Textiles in Focus nice and early to set up our workshops. IMG_5943         IMG_5941







The drive was very hazardous, skidded twice in the first couple of minutes, then saw 2 accidents within the first 10 minutes, needless to say, I drove slowly, it took us half an hour longer than normal so good job we left with time to spare.

This is the workshop that I did ‘Transfer Dyes to Stitch For!’


Make stamp and colour papers using disperse dyes/transfer paints


Transfer the printed background paper onto synthetic fabric, and then draw appliqué shapes onto paper side of bond a web


Iron Bond-a-web on to wrong side of synthetic satin and rough cut shapes out in colours groups

IMG_5879IMG_5881IMG_5883     IMG_5884

Place rough cut shape on top of painted paper and iron colour off, cut out precisely

 IMG_5885 IMG_5886

Place cut out appliqué pieces on background fabric and iron in place

IMG_5887 IMG_5889IMG_5890 IMG_5912

Lay bond-a-web all over this and iron, then iron black chiffon on top of this and the embroider.

What a lovely group of ladies and there end results were very good and more importantly their own personal interpretation of the method.


FET is always fun and it is great to catch up with acquaintances, in particularly Jenny.  Jenny has lent me her book on Kantha work , again!!! and also let me look at what she is working on at the moment and how she did it, have tomorrow off so I am hoping that I might get a chance to play. Jenny has recently finished a commission and this is a link to the web site showing her work

MESH were also exhibiting, some really excellent work and also work that made you smile.  Something that I think we all need to remember when we put on an exhibition.

Margaret's Tucan that sung Happy Birthday!A happy bright and fun exhibition which was supported with work of an excellent standard.


And last but not least there was our stand Fen Edge Textiles, unfortunately we were too busy talking and forgot to take any photos until we were half way through taking the stand down!!!


And then home to find Mum had plated me up a roast lamb dinner – yumm xx