Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not very good at keeping my New Year resolution up!

Busy week, perhaps that is a good thing in the light of the current circumstances.

Tuesday 12th was my birthday and I had many lovely cards with kind thoughts and wishes in them.  Then it was off to my evening class to start my Teacher Training, gosh it is boring, and really not what I want to be doing at the moment, but it is only 11 weeks for this part so hopefully I can do it.


Wednesday was EG meeting at June’s.  Lovely girls and always enjoy meeting up with them, we are all so very different but it is good being part of that group, but don't actually feel that I offer them very much in return for their support.  Wish I was a bit more organised and could remember stuff, probably it is just that I am doing too much that I don't feel I am doing it properly.  Maybe need to put the brakes on a bit, but not sure how.

Thursday I took a half days leave to stand in for a P&Q class to help Sharon out, really enjoyed this, it is lovely when you can share your ideas with colleagues and you can see they are excited about learning and I remember how I feel when I hear of something new.

Friday work, and cleaned the house, shrunk my favourite cardigan in the wash :-( and broke a tooth, so now have chronic tooth ache and the rough edges keep cutting my tongue

Saturday up to Cambridge for Fen Edge Textiles, good to see the girls and Pauline cooked us lovely soup, but another one of our group has been diagnosed with breast cancer and another seriously ill in hospital.

Highlight of the week, babysat Millie Mai she is perfectly perfect x

fast asleepMum and Dad are home!

Sunday – tried to do some catch up on all the jobs that I haven't done and some home work for teacher training class on Tuesday.  And baked biscuits for EG members night tomorrow. 

Then lit a fire and now going to watch Larkrise to Candleford – lovely.

Comfort time   Biscuits for tomorrow, but did have to try one just incase!

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dianehobbit said...

Happy Birthday Nickie! Feeling guilty reading your blog as I haven't made a cake yet! Hope I have time tomorrow or it will have to be shop bought. All prepared for the members night though!