Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mobile Workshop an more

Today was my day to pack up for the Day School at Bishops Hill next Saturday, this in theory should have been easy as I had prepared the workshop a couple of months back.  Hand out scheme of work, samples………..  But could I find it this morning, went to where it should be filed (along with the other workshops) but it was nowhere to be seen!!  Re-tidied the work room in an attempt to find it, just in case I had put it somewhere safe – but no, after an hour I decided that I had to bite the bullet and do it all over again – not what I needed with so much on my plate!!  But hey ho!

At least it will be fresh in my mind for Saturday.

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Spoke to Kirsty today, she sounded happy, and she is more like her mother than she probably wants, we both went to see the same film last week without knowing - ‘It’s Complicated’ it was excellent.  And I watched ‘My Sisters Keeper’ on DVD last night, and she is reading the book – spooky  :-)

Les is back to work tomorrow, hope all goes well for her.

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dianehobbit said...

I saw the film with my daughter, it really is excellent! I laughed so much, but I also had a little cry. Divorce really is sad for all involved, we often forget that others were hurt too.