Sunday, 24 January 2010

Another week has gone by

Monday night was members night at the Embroidery Guild and what fun we had, we got the ladies making sock monkeys it all became a bit raucous, especially when unsuitable suggestions were made about certain parts of the poor monkey!

IMG_5624 IMG_5622      

Tuesday night, not so much fun, evening class to learn how to teach, gosh what a lot of work is involved in this :-( but hopefully it will be time well invested in the end.

Wednesday, was meant to be a night of sewing and writing up of my learning journal for Tuesday class, saving the essay for Sunday.  But that didn't happen as spoke to Lesley and ended up getting very emotional.  Richard and Robert have agreed to be pallbearers for Stephen, and that hit home.

Thursday is the fun evening class, some wonderful has been done, only 2 more weeks left, will miss seeing the girls, our only man did not return after the Christmas break, thought we might keep him for the duration, but guess he has had a better offer.


Friday was baby sitting for Millie Mai, she actually stayed awake this time, so had lots of fun being Nan, but not made any inroads with my college work…….  feeling a bit panicky about this.


Saturday, ran a day class for the Embroiders Guild, had a lovely day and we all had lots of fun and hope the ladies learnt one or two things that were new to them.  Hopefully the guild has also got two new members from this day too.





Home to chill, went for a walk with Ralph over the fields, it was very muddy, but cleared the head, and then time to start on the college work.  Got my learning journal written, it is a useful exercise, even though it seems to take me ages, it does reinforce what you have been taught – make you think!!

Sunday, it was down to write the essay, but not before I had another lovely walk over the fields, but this time in day light!  Then it was time for essay writing – dont think I have done very well, spent 4 hours on it, then lost the will to go on, it was only meant to be 700 words, but I wrote twice that and didnt know what bits to edit, so sent it off anyway – waiting for a referral :-( more work to do……..

Then finally, play time, needed to design some thing fun and achievable within in the two hour session for the girls on Thursday, well decided to knit wire and colour silver tea foils and hey presto! 


Hope they like it.

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