Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mobile Workshop an more

Today was my day to pack up for the Day School at Bishops Hill next Saturday, this in theory should have been easy as I had prepared the workshop a couple of months back.  Hand out scheme of work, samples………..  But could I find it this morning, went to where it should be filed (along with the other workshops) but it was nowhere to be seen!!  Re-tidied the work room in an attempt to find it, just in case I had put it somewhere safe – but no, after an hour I decided that I had to bite the bullet and do it all over again – not what I needed with so much on my plate!!  But hey ho!

At least it will be fresh in my mind for Saturday.

 IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5776 IMG_5782 IMG_5786 IMG_5788

Spoke to Kirsty today, she sounded happy, and she is more like her mother than she probably wants, we both went to see the same film last week without knowing - ‘It’s Complicated’ it was excellent.  And I watched ‘My Sisters Keeper’ on DVD last night, and she is reading the book – spooky  :-)

Les is back to work tomorrow, hope all goes well for her.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Peter is back :-)


There we all were busily working away on our knitted wire embroideries (no pictures as they all cleared away whilst I was delivering the register) and who should saunter in but our mate Peter.  He had been sunning himself in Spain, but was quickly forgiven as he bought sweets!!  Way to a woman's hear and all that!





Some of Peter’s work, for a guy who could not thread a machine when we first started I think he has done really well.

Three of the girls have finished their silk paper shoes, and what is really nice is that they adapted the patter to make them personal to them. 


Pam went to the extreme, what a surprise.


Sandy’s were beautifully finished and very feminineIMG_5762.



And Chris is having a baby moment.


Today I have been working on our final sample, it sort of happened, wanted to continue with the knitted wire theme, but do something different.  Knitted wire, on large needles, snippets of sheers and net on velvet and machine stitched.  Pleased with this, think it would make a lovely base for some bead work and hand stitching.


This was my reward after having done two essays and writing up my learning journal.

Tomorrow will be prepping for the Mobile Workshop that I will be doing at Bishops Hall on Saturday.  So a fun day playing in my sewing room, might even get round to doing another post on the blog – now that would be something!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mid week post!!!

Two amazing sites today.

First my S reg Fiesta went round the clock (its me that has gone round the bend!) a few weeks back, but missed recording that, but yesterday saw it click from 999 miles to 1000.  Will be sad to see my little car go, it owes me nothing and has been totally reliable, but Dad tells me that I am doing the right thing by replacing it  :-(


Then today I saw a bush all covered in icicles, it had been splattered with water from a puddle, and the drips had gradually built up to form icicles   , it just looked a bit strange so had to stop and record it for prosperity!


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Another week has gone by

Monday night was members night at the Embroidery Guild and what fun we had, we got the ladies making sock monkeys it all became a bit raucous, especially when unsuitable suggestions were made about certain parts of the poor monkey!

IMG_5624 IMG_5622      

Tuesday night, not so much fun, evening class to learn how to teach, gosh what a lot of work is involved in this :-( but hopefully it will be time well invested in the end.

Wednesday, was meant to be a night of sewing and writing up of my learning journal for Tuesday class, saving the essay for Sunday.  But that didn't happen as spoke to Lesley and ended up getting very emotional.  Richard and Robert have agreed to be pallbearers for Stephen, and that hit home.

Thursday is the fun evening class, some wonderful has been done, only 2 more weeks left, will miss seeing the girls, our only man did not return after the Christmas break, thought we might keep him for the duration, but guess he has had a better offer.


Friday was baby sitting for Millie Mai, she actually stayed awake this time, so had lots of fun being Nan, but not made any inroads with my college work…….  feeling a bit panicky about this.


Saturday, ran a day class for the Embroiders Guild, had a lovely day and we all had lots of fun and hope the ladies learnt one or two things that were new to them.  Hopefully the guild has also got two new members from this day too.





Home to chill, went for a walk with Ralph over the fields, it was very muddy, but cleared the head, and then time to start on the college work.  Got my learning journal written, it is a useful exercise, even though it seems to take me ages, it does reinforce what you have been taught – make you think!!

Sunday, it was down to write the essay, but not before I had another lovely walk over the fields, but this time in day light!  Then it was time for essay writing – dont think I have done very well, spent 4 hours on it, then lost the will to go on, it was only meant to be 700 words, but I wrote twice that and didnt know what bits to edit, so sent it off anyway – waiting for a referral :-( more work to do……..

Then finally, play time, needed to design some thing fun and achievable within in the two hour session for the girls on Thursday, well decided to knit wire and colour silver tea foils and hey presto! 


Hope they like it.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not very good at keeping my New Year resolution up!

Busy week, perhaps that is a good thing in the light of the current circumstances.

Tuesday 12th was my birthday and I had many lovely cards with kind thoughts and wishes in them.  Then it was off to my evening class to start my Teacher Training, gosh it is boring, and really not what I want to be doing at the moment, but it is only 11 weeks for this part so hopefully I can do it.


Wednesday was EG meeting at June’s.  Lovely girls and always enjoy meeting up with them, we are all so very different but it is good being part of that group, but don't actually feel that I offer them very much in return for their support.  Wish I was a bit more organised and could remember stuff, probably it is just that I am doing too much that I don't feel I am doing it properly.  Maybe need to put the brakes on a bit, but not sure how.

Thursday I took a half days leave to stand in for a P&Q class to help Sharon out, really enjoyed this, it is lovely when you can share your ideas with colleagues and you can see they are excited about learning and I remember how I feel when I hear of something new.

Friday work, and cleaned the house, shrunk my favourite cardigan in the wash :-( and broke a tooth, so now have chronic tooth ache and the rough edges keep cutting my tongue

Saturday up to Cambridge for Fen Edge Textiles, good to see the girls and Pauline cooked us lovely soup, but another one of our group has been diagnosed with breast cancer and another seriously ill in hospital.

Highlight of the week, babysat Millie Mai she is perfectly perfect x

fast asleepMum and Dad are home!

Sunday – tried to do some catch up on all the jobs that I haven't done and some home work for teacher training class on Tuesday.  And baked biscuits for EG members night tomorrow. 

Then lit a fire and now going to watch Larkrise to Candleford – lovely.

Comfort time   Biscuits for tomorrow, but did have to try one just incase!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Not the start to the New Year that I had hoped

Thursday the 11th we were having a bit of chill time during our lunch break because we are all working very hard at the moment because the inspectors are coming in……….

IMG_5600 IMG_5596

Then Thursday night Stephen my nephew died, 29, kidney failure, well at least that is what we presume it to be.  My heart goes out to his family, the girls were a credit to Les and Chris, they dealt with it very bravely, Les and Chris were in Tenerife and were unable to get back until early hours of Saturday morning.

Les and Stephen at Mum's on Christmas Day

Started diet last week again, and put 2lbs on so far, good job those work skirts I bought in the sale had elasticised waist bands!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to work tomorrow :-(

Where has the week gone…….

Have really enjoyed my Christmas break but have not nearly done all the jobs that I was planning on doing, but guess that is the general cry especially when we try to pack too much into our days.

Didn’t get the brass polished but did play with my ‘Barriers’ theme and really pleased with the results, not quite sure how I am going to put it all together and how it will be mounted but like a challenge!!

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