Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Life not necessarily going to plan!

4 inches of snow and life grinds to a halt!  But just how beautiful is this, make you feel good to be alive.

IMG_5472 IMG_5457 IMG_5462 IMG_5468

But, Kirsty was meant to come down from Lancashire to see our new addition to our family, but in the end we decided that it probably was not wise due to all the trouble that the snow was causing on the roads, not sure who was most disappointed her or me, but she will be down next week and I get an extra day this way so looking on the bright side.

I took the pram over to Rob and Mel’s and of course got the award of cuddle with baby, who now is the proud owner of a name ‘Millie Mai’

Millie Mai - 6 days old IMG_5487

This evening I decided that I would try and rescue the work that I was doing for FET, I am trying to make a vase using water soluble paper and machine embroidery – in my head it is wonderful, but in practice it isn't happening, it has all gone too dull and I have lost the lovely colour of the threads as the paper has muddied them all.  So what I am now trying is to paint the back thoroughly with acrylic paint which, I hope will hold some of the paper in place and let me wash the paper that is making the stitching dull out .  If this doesn't work I will have to paint the front as well, and if that doesn't work it is going in the bin!  IMG_5497I know this looks a bit of a mess. 


So thought I had better end on a brighter note and include a picture of the bag that I have just finished, which is based on my holiday that I had this year in Turkey, it is based on the busy bustling streets of Istanbul, with the bright lights and heat of the sun and city.



dianehobbit said...
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dianehobbit said...

A beautiful grandaughter! She really seems to have lifted your spirit. I love the bag too, hopefully it will remind you of the happy memories of Turkey.