Saturday, 14 November 2009

Where has the week gone?

All too quick. 

Thursday night was great, Peter was back with the girls.  He bought his sewing machine along for me to try.  £20 at Matalan, managed 4 stitches with it!!

We did Machine Weaving, Pauline Verinder’s method of wrapping threads round a wire frame and then stitching into it.  We got some lovely pieces of work I am sure Pauline will be thrilled to know her idea is being put to such good use. Peter's machine!!! IMG_5090

Pam's Work, result of dyeing evening

Chris's Work, result of the work we did with sheers  Wrapped frames  I dont want my photo taken!!!

And today, it was wet, very wet, thunder and lightening this morning so Ralph didn’t get his walk.


Played in my room today did some drawing on hands, these are Nick’s from work, they all think I have completely lost the plot, maybe they are right, it is Catherine’s fault, she said my wire netting drawings looked like hands…………….

Then did something sensible and made Rob and Dad’s birthday cake.  Up to Mum’s for their birthday lunch tomorrow. Yum.


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