Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekend didn’t go quite as planned :o( but turned out ok in the end :o)

Saturday came and went, think the only real achievement that I can put claim to is that I learnt how to use Facebook!!  And made the cover for Mel’s baby basket.

  IMG_5205          IMG_5204






Also, thought you would like to see my Prince now that he is fully grown!!

Today was better, which was lucky as Chris and I had arranged to take Mum and Dad to Simply Fish at Old Leigh for Dad’s birthday.

Had lovely time and food was super.



Then it was off to see Mel and Rob to deliver baby bits.  Lovely Sunday, family and good food and then of course the final vital ingredients for a good day……… a bit of stitching!!!


Finally got round to making the handle for my bag which is based on the streets of Turkey, this will be part of my work for the Yesterday Exhibition that I am doing with Fen Edge Textiles, had briefly waivered and was going to do the Suffragettes, but think this area needs a lot more exploring before I can start thinking about making a piece of work related to this subject.