Saturday, 21 November 2009

My week so far

Not totally sure where it has gone, but it has been a good one.

After a wonderful evening on Monday, Tuesday was spent with head down in the office, but Wednesday I was hard at work doing the ‘partnership bit’, this involved eating and talking to friends (in case any one from work reads this, friends translates as colleagues!)




Yvette with a tasy sausage...









Then Thursday night is Bishops Hill night, was being assessed, guess it went ok as I haven't been given my marching orders and the Group came up trumps by presenting some wonderful pieces of work for Pauline to look at.

Chri's tree, made from the open weve embroidery technique Peter hard at work Betty stitching on Lutrador This evening work Chris and Di

Tonight I supported Les at a Quiz Night at St Giles, we didn't come last so that is a result…….

Some of the residents at St Giles

And some how this week I managed to fit a bit of C&G work in…..

suffragettes colour study for suffragettes BarriersWire fencing suggested gripped hands

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