Monday, 2 November 2009

Life in perspective……

Email from Margaret today, not so great news about her cancer, needs to have some chemo, they do wonders now a days, sure it will work out good in the end, but when you are going through it and it is you it has got to be hard.  Not sure what I can do to help, other than offer a hand of friendship and a lift to Cottenham!!  Makes me feel really small about myself when I moan about the grand kids living so far a away and being useless at maintaining relationships.

Work passed by without eventuality today (which is a plus after Thursday), and then home, a lovely evening, had Gill, Noella, Liz, Sue and Lynda round and I made them stitch lots of straight lines!!!

straight lines............ Noella's picture - from textured landscape workshop

Noella bought her finished picture that she started on one of my workshops – it is really good, apparently Gill has also finished hers, but yet to see the end result, Sue’s has already been posted.  Must be doing something right it they can produce this standard of work from one of my workshops.