Sunday, 1 November 2009

Good therapy

Had a long weekend, took Friday off as Richard and Katie were coming down for a bonfire to celebrate Isabella’s 7th birthday.

Gosh, how my little grandchildren have grown, Isabella now a very grown up 7 and Oliver is a real little man at the grand age of 4,  he has been told that he should where glasses and looks very good in them, but he is a little resistant to them at the moment.

Our day started off in the kitchen, had to prepare the cakes and pumpkin for the party tonight. 

 All hand on deck the plan

Our pumpkin

Katie as always was fully prepared and came down armed with dressing up clothes, Isabella a witch and Oliver a spider, once faces were painted it was off up to Nanny Large’s for the bonfire.


 sacrey monsters with Nan Isablella Oliver in action My lovely grandchildren ! Granddad's fabulous bonfire

Rob and Mel came to join us which was lovely, Mel is now very pregnant, number 5 grandchild due in January, hoping that she has her early so that Kirsty can come down for Christmas.  Les and Chris arrived with Rosy and Karen and her two surrogate grandchildren and it was time for the party to start.

Nan had got lots of food ready, hot dogs burgers drumsticks and good old tomato soup and Les made scary cakes!

 Rich and Rosy with Les's grand kids fun with sparklers  Mel Rich was put in charge of the fireworks

Needles to say we all slept well that night, then I was left in charge of the the children while Rich and Katie had some adult time together.

We went for a walk with Ralph across the fields, painted and drew pictures and made paper machier (cant seem to spell that right) pigs.

Olivercouldnt find Isabella's coat!xx's Oliver's painitngRalph   Isabella's sewing

The it was Sunday and time for them to go home and I was sad.  Also, no more excuses not to do some work to towards my course.  Decided to go back to basics and start at the beginning, the simplest barrier is that made of wire, so back over the fields armed with camera.

pig wire Barbed wire

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