Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A busy Night

But a good one, it started off with a creative thought, which is always a bonus now a days!  Arrived at work and new ‘barriers’ have been erected, I thinks interesting lines/shapes, got funny looks from colleagues as I crouched on the not too clean car park to take photos – verdict is that I have now truly lost the plot :o)

IMG_5026 IMG_5024

had a lovely walk with Ralph over the fields when I got home from work, it was a bit dark but that didn't matter, it was good to be over there.  Then got all packed up for tomorrow night.  Rinsed fabrics out and they look really good – which is lucky as I am meant to be good at this, would have looked a bit silly on the night if they were wishy washy…………


Just hope that I have packed every thing I need, there seems rather a lot pilled up in the corner of the longue ready to pack tomorrow, but I have that feeling that there isn't something in there that should be there, no what I mean……….

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dianehobbit said...

My favourite colours, hope we are ding them in class. At school the only colour the girls choose in pink!