Sunday, 8 November 2009

All those good plans…………

Design Matters advise that you need a plan, but sometimes things get in the way……….  Well today I had a plan, up early, quick breakfast, hover round and down to the diploma stuff, lunch at Mum’s, yum, and back to more work.  Good plan.

Over slept, decided the vegetables in the fridge needed cooking, then looked outside and grass had grown, so decided to cut that before it rained, then …. oh no……… looked at my lovely pond and it had gone all sludgy and there floating on the top was my gold fish, that wasn't very gold any longer (too much information I know) but sad :o(  So, as it smelt, pond not fish, but guess that did too, had to empty pond…………. numerous buckets later and a very smelly Nick.  Pond was emptied.

poorley pondpooh.............

tea bag working magicWhilst outside I was in need of a cup of tea, used tea bag went on top of  the piece of kitchen paper that I had used to clean my pen with last night. Very interesting colours – this might need exploring in more depth at later date.

Nick needed another bath and then up to Mum’s for well deserved roast pork and all the trimmings.

Back home, wadded through dust to retrieve vacuum cleaner, hovered house.

The down to work.

Lutrador stitched onto foild background

The Les came round with Rosy, she bought me a lovely present, a frog, that when you filled it with water turned into my hansom prince. 

Probably safest option for me…………..    Frog Rosy and frog in transition.. My very small Prince Charming!!

Apparently he grows to the full height of the jar within 72 hours!

Will keep you posted!

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