Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekend didn’t go quite as planned :o( but turned out ok in the end :o)

Saturday came and went, think the only real achievement that I can put claim to is that I learnt how to use Facebook!!  And made the cover for Mel’s baby basket.

  IMG_5205          IMG_5204






Also, thought you would like to see my Prince now that he is fully grown!!

Today was better, which was lucky as Chris and I had arranged to take Mum and Dad to Simply Fish at Old Leigh for Dad’s birthday.

Had lovely time and food was super.



Then it was off to see Mel and Rob to deliver baby bits.  Lovely Sunday, family and good food and then of course the final vital ingredients for a good day……… a bit of stitching!!!


Finally got round to making the handle for my bag which is based on the streets of Turkey, this will be part of my work for the Yesterday Exhibition that I am doing with Fen Edge Textiles, had briefly waivered and was going to do the Suffragettes, but think this area needs a lot more exploring before I can start thinking about making a piece of work related to this subject.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

My week so far

Not totally sure where it has gone, but it has been a good one.

After a wonderful evening on Monday, Tuesday was spent with head down in the office, but Wednesday I was hard at work doing the ‘partnership bit’, this involved eating and talking to friends (in case any one from work reads this, friends translates as colleagues!)




Yvette with a tasy sausage...









Then Thursday night is Bishops Hill night, was being assessed, guess it went ok as I haven't been given my marching orders and the Group came up trumps by presenting some wonderful pieces of work for Pauline to look at.

Chri's tree, made from the open weve embroidery technique Peter hard at work Betty stitching on Lutrador This evening work Chris and Di

Tonight I supported Les at a Quiz Night at St Giles, we didn't come last so that is a result…….

Some of the residents at St Giles

And some how this week I managed to fit a bit of C&G work in…..

suffragettes colour study for suffragettes BarriersWire fencing suggested gripped hands

Monday, 16 November 2009

Jackie Russell

What a fabulous evening we have had at the EG meeting tonight. I remember going along to see an exhibition of Jan and Jean’s students work at Windsor, some years ago and remember the impact that Jackie’s work had on me at that time It was a real privilege to have her come to talk to us tonight. She was talking about the work that she had done whilst she was doing her diploma, it was very strange, she studied the Yarrow March, a community fighting for their survival, where I am looking at the Suffragettes, another group fighting to be heard. She then went on to photos of Venice the railings that were either keeping people in or is it people out, her words, yet these are the words that I have written in my brief on Barriers for my research subject.

IMG_5139 IMG_5138

This left me in doubt, as if there was any in the first place, Jackie had to be the first of my contemporary artists that I need to study, and she has kindly agreed. So look forward to writing up my notes and finding out a bit more about her work.

We also had some new members join our Guild tonight, it is lovely to put faces to the blog names that we read. Welcome Miriam

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rob and Granddad's Birthday Party

We all went up to Mum’s for Sunday lunch, she did us proud as always, she cooked her lovely meat pudding, felt very round when I got home so took Ralph for a good long walk over the very muddy fields!!

IMG_5098 IMG_5099  

Have got a fair bit of design work done for my research project, this part I really enjoy and don't find hard to get fully involved in, but had forgotten how frustrating the tick box parts of the C&G is.  Will need to knuckle down to this over the Christmas break.  That is unless new Grand daughter arrives early – what a lovely Christmas present that would be.


Tomorrow night is the Embroiders Guild and we have Jackie Russell coming to talk to us, I am really looking forward to that.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Where has the week gone?

All too quick. 

Thursday night was great, Peter was back with the girls.  He bought his sewing machine along for me to try.  £20 at Matalan, managed 4 stitches with it!!

We did Machine Weaving, Pauline Verinder’s method of wrapping threads round a wire frame and then stitching into it.  We got some lovely pieces of work I am sure Pauline will be thrilled to know her idea is being put to such good use. Peter's machine!!! IMG_5090

Pam's Work, result of dyeing evening

Chris's Work, result of the work we did with sheers  Wrapped frames  I dont want my photo taken!!!

And today, it was wet, very wet, thunder and lightening this morning so Ralph didn’t get his walk.


Played in my room today did some drawing on hands, these are Nick’s from work, they all think I have completely lost the plot, maybe they are right, it is Catherine’s fault, she said my wire netting drawings looked like hands…………….

Then did something sensible and made Rob and Dad’s birthday cake.  Up to Mum’s for their birthday lunch tomorrow. Yum.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

All those good plans…………

Design Matters advise that you need a plan, but sometimes things get in the way……….  Well today I had a plan, up early, quick breakfast, hover round and down to the diploma stuff, lunch at Mum’s, yum, and back to more work.  Good plan.

Over slept, decided the vegetables in the fridge needed cooking, then looked outside and grass had grown, so decided to cut that before it rained, then …. oh no……… looked at my lovely pond and it had gone all sludgy and there floating on the top was my gold fish, that wasn't very gold any longer (too much information I know) but sad :o(  So, as it smelt, pond not fish, but guess that did too, had to empty pond…………. numerous buckets later and a very smelly Nick.  Pond was emptied.

poorley pondpooh.............

tea bag working magicWhilst outside I was in need of a cup of tea, used tea bag went on top of  the piece of kitchen paper that I had used to clean my pen with last night. Very interesting colours – this might need exploring in more depth at later date.

Nick needed another bath and then up to Mum’s for well deserved roast pork and all the trimmings.

Back home, wadded through dust to retrieve vacuum cleaner, hovered house.

The down to work.

Lutrador stitched onto foild background

The Les came round with Rosy, she bought me a lovely present, a frog, that when you filled it with water turned into my hansom prince. 

Probably safest option for me…………..    Frog Rosy and frog in transition.. My very small Prince Charming!!

Apparently he grows to the full height of the jar within 72 hours!

Will keep you posted!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fen Edge Textile meeting today

But first of all a quick catch up.

Had a really good evening on Thursday at Bishops Hall, we did some dying and I think it went really well.IMG_5030 IMG_5029lovely bags of dyed bits cooking!  IMG_5061

And my bits rinsed out and beautifully pressed.

We have an exhibition at Shenfield library next week (14th November) so our books will be on display, and I am very pleased with what we will have to show, especially as we have only done six weeks.

And so today.  Sharne called round for me nice and early so that we could pack her new car with the sewing machines, and amazingly enough she managed to fit them in, had to take the spare wheel out though, this was put on the back shelf!!  plenty of room, but well worth it for a lovely drive up to Cottenham.

It is always nice to see the the girls.  Today was our Christmas party…….  yes I know, I am told it is only 7 weeks away :o( but on the brighter side I get a week off work and boy do I need that catch up time.

Because it was our Christmas Bash, we all bought food so ended up eating far too much, good job I thought to pack the Rennies! Then it was our game, here is Julia with all her goodies, soon to be lost though, ha ha as she had just stole the bag of goodies of me that I had just stolen from Leigh!!


The the boy racers appeared and provided some entertainment, in their eagerness to impress took the corner too quick and got a traffic cone stuck under the car.


Cool boxers – Sharne took note as she id using the 60’s as her inspiration for our next exhibition theme ‘Yesterday’

Pauline got us playing with Lutardor which I have totally enjoyed and will enjoy finishing this piece.

IMG_5062 IMG_5059

And then home to do a bit of C&G work.