Sunday, 25 October 2009

New day new and the sun shone

The hour went back today, but didn't manage to get a lie in, woke up at the same time :o(  But this sun was shinning so the bonus is that I get an extra hour in my day.

Early morning sun But where to start, grass looked like it needed cutting, work room needs sorting out before I really get stuck into study and stuff, and need to take Sharne’s clothes back – probably a bit early to do that at 9am on a Sunday.

So decided to eat breakfast and then set too in the garden.

But first of all I needed to glue some scrim onto the back of the pattern paper that I have coloured with coffee (ready for one of my samples for the History Bit.

coffe coloured paperHopefully last cut for the season 

The Sharne phoned to find out how I got on last night, and said that she had plated me up a meal from hTray of goodies - yumer left overs from her dinner party last night.  No second bidding, was round there in a shot.

Not only did I get a very large main course, but 2 puds as well.  Good job I have given up on the diet!!

Next task was to try and make some room in the Play Room, have got in a bit of a muddle of late as have not had any spare time, no more Beforeexcuses.

See what I mean.   Bit of a mess.  Hadn’t realised how many ongoing projects I have part way done, all with potential, not sure what to do with these.  But really don’t think I need to buy any more fabric – every…..

After Neatly (well sort off) folded fabric

Then time to walk Ralph over the field, a beautiful sky.

Night sky

It was good to walk over the fields it had a peaceful feel about it tonight.

Home to eat the second of my deserts and then to start on a design for the History Bit.

Not a bad start to a new beginning.  And to First piece of work for diplomaround it up nicely have had 3 call from the kids, one from Dave and a chat with Noella.  And now to watch Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’.

And maybe a Brandy, for medicinal purposes of course!