Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Action time

First of all I decided to stop pontificating about what car I was going to buy to replace my beloved Fiesta, who I fear is not long for this world.  Unfortunately it will be sent to its maker, probably in February, and will be replaced by a shining new red car, the thing that clinched the deal was the the red car had a hole where I could plug in my i-pod!!!

Also sent off my first thoughts to Catherine Nicholls who is my tutor on the diploma.  Now eagerly await her comments!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New day new and the sun shone

The hour went back today, but didn't manage to get a lie in, woke up at the same time :o(  But this sun was shinning so the bonus is that I get an extra hour in my day.

Early morning sun But where to start, grass looked like it needed cutting, work room needs sorting out before I really get stuck into study and stuff, and need to take Sharne’s clothes back – probably a bit early to do that at 9am on a Sunday.

So decided to eat breakfast and then set too in the garden.

But first of all I needed to glue some scrim onto the back of the pattern paper that I have coloured with coffee (ready for one of my samples for the History Bit.

coffe coloured paperHopefully last cut for the season 

The Sharne phoned to find out how I got on last night, and said that she had plated me up a meal from hTray of goodies - yumer left overs from her dinner party last night.  No second bidding, was round there in a shot.

Not only did I get a very large main course, but 2 puds as well.  Good job I have given up on the diet!!

Next task was to try and make some room in the Play Room, have got in a bit of a muddle of late as have not had any spare time, no more Beforeexcuses.

See what I mean.   Bit of a mess.  Hadn’t realised how many ongoing projects I have part way done, all with potential, not sure what to do with these.  But really don’t think I need to buy any more fabric – every…..

After Neatly (well sort off) folded fabric

Then time to walk Ralph over the field, a beautiful sky.

Night sky

It was good to walk over the fields it had a peaceful feel about it tonight.

Home to eat the second of my deserts and then to start on a design for the History Bit.

Not a bad start to a new beginning.  And to First piece of work for diplomaround it up nicely have had 3 call from the kids, one from Dave and a chat with Noella.  And now to watch Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’.

And maybe a Brandy, for medicinal purposes of course!

Jay is 40

Last night I went to my friends partners 40th birthday bash, he plays in a band and it was he who entertained us last night.  Very professional and really enjoyed myself.

Borrowed Sharne’s skirt as mine had gone walk abouts………, and felt very nice in it.

 Stacey and Molly Jay - birthday boy Jay's group - excellent rocking and rolling 

Also, good news, made start on the diploma stuff, emailed Catherine to agree topic for research and started writing notes on the Contextual Bit.  So the beginning of the long journey has started.

proof that I have started.........Sunshine in late October x

And the sun is shining, what more could we ask…..?


Friday, 23 October 2009

Machine Embroidery Group

Five weeks into the course and it is going really well, or at least I am enjoying it!!

I am lucky enough to have a really fabulous bunch of people, we have done lots of different things, first of all we started off by making a book to put our samples in, this involved stitching brown paper, we have made our own different papers using glue, papers, scrim and calico, these were coloured with brusho, we have made cords, needle painted a colour wheel and done some free machining.

Some of the groupThe lovely work we did last night 

It is now half term, so better start planning the next few lessons…….

Haven’t started on the diploma stuff yet, keep finding other stuff to do first, once I start I am sure I will be fine.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Beginnings

All changed today.

20th October 2009 a big day, amongst other things I signed up and received my first modules for the Diploma in Patchwork and Quilting.  Its a bit scary, the thought of doing this remotely is now more daunting than I thought it would be, really don't know where to start.  Have read through the modules as they suggested and just feel totally over whelmed.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catch Up

That is all I seem to be doing at the moment.

Have had a lovely 2 weeks.  Feet don't seem to have touch base though.

Last weekend was Alexandra Place – Knit and Stitch.  EAST’s exhibition, excellent, how wonderful to be invited to exhibit at such a level and present such a wonderful display of work. It was lovely to be able to look through their workbooks that lead up to their final piece.  I felt that the entire exhibition this year was of a higher standard, and more importantly it made me smile.

Then on Sunday it was up to see Kirsty and the grandchildren in Lancashire.  Kirsty was poorly, finally persuaded to go to the doctors who then gave her a prescription as long as her arm to sort her out.  Holly and Gus were an absolute joy, Holly want a Dolly with a bottley, this I bought for her early Christmas present and she loved it.  Went to see Wendy horse, the children have their swimming lesson, Holly made an egg sandwich, Gus paddled in the loo! went for long walks and played on the swings, Gus loved this and really laughed.  Hated it when I came home.  Cried too much. Met Mary who helps Kirsty look after the children, she is lovely, and Holly and Gus obviously love her.

Then this weekend Sharne and I went to Missenden Abbey for a workshop with Hilary Bower.  It was not at all what I thought it was going to be.  Hilary mentored us, very useful, she is an incredibly talented lady with real intuition, she totally summed me up and has got me thinking in a very different and challenging direction.  I will be exploring ‘Barriers’ these maybe physical, fiscal, mental or cultural – how massive is that.  But I had not realised just how important these issues are to me.  Guess that is whey I do the job that I do. 

Usually Sharne and I stay at her Mums when we are down there but this time we stayed in a Granny Annex of a friend of a friend.  What a lovely house and it made the weekend very special.  Woke up early on the first morning and went for a walk across the fields, walked for 30 minutes in one direction and didn't come across a road, could a have carried on for ages but had to turn back to get ready for the course.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Computer finally sorted!

…. for awhile any way!!

The anti-virus went up the wall so didn't dare use the computer too much last week, don't realise just how much one relies on it.

Have had a lovely week, very busy, not very much time to stitch for me, but still smiling though.

Today I drove up to Cottenham again… this time for the EG Eastern   Region AGM.  Have had more interesting days and it was very tiring, but nice to see friends.

We had a short talk from the Guild about its collection, what made me smile was that one of their pieces they had there was of similar style to the hat that we bought in Turkey, but I venture to say, not as nice though.

Your hat Eatern Regions AGM