Sunday, 20 September 2009

Things could only get better!

Better day today, even had a lay in!

Sun shining, so decided to rinse the fabric out that was nicely rusting away outside – very impressed, I had used different weights and textures of fabric as I want to use these to build a brick wall behind some rails – well that is the plan!!  I love the way that the fabric take the rust differently, didn't think I would be this lucky, but it works the same as if I was using dye, the silk accepts it differently to cotton.


Also, realised I needed purple tassels so had to dye some purple viscose thread, then thought it would be a good idea if I couched the piping (in purple) to the top of the bag, so some silk thread went in too.

Phoned Mum.  Pleased I did it, but she was very aloof :o( at least I had held the olive branch out.

Embroidery’s Guild tomorrow night, looking forward to that, Liz cant bring her some as she is doing a 02 Textile meeting, so thought I would phone Denise and ask her to bring Craft Arena along – bit short notice, she will see what she can do.

Decided to see what I could do with my beautiful fabrics, very please with my immaculate and perfect brick wall, confidently placed scrim  over the top for the railings.  Reverse appliquéd, the result was a disappointing ‘Garden Gate’ quilt :o(

Lovely fabric brick wallin the ditch quiltedrailings traced on tissue on backsandwich with scrim on front

Thought I could rescue it with paint, embellisher and stitch…

garden gate with paintgarden gate with paint, knocked back with embellisherdetail of garden gate with paint, knocked back with embellisherand with seeding stitch

but think I am flogging a dead horse.

Nice fabric – shame about the quilt!!!

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