Saturday, 12 September 2009

No sewing :o(

But a lovely day.

For some daft reason I started doing the housework this morning…. strange I know, but it was time for a Spring Cleaning!, curtains hovered, loose covers and bed washed, washing basket up to date and all ironing done, floors swept and mopped, it now looks lovely (even fixed the computer – with Richard’s help), only need to clean the brass and I will be all ship shape !

Had a lovely lunch with Linda and Sue, Lin suggested that we have a weekend in Seville in October, sounds great, we are going to check it out.

Katie phoned this evening and said that they will be coming down for Isabella’s birthday, 28th October for the weekend, lovely.

But think I will have to duck out of Seville now, as I cant see that I can do Seville on the 3rd, then long weekend at Missenden on the 16th, the Fen Edge on the 23rd then the family for 4 days on the 28th……………….

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