Saturday, 19 September 2009

Life is just a little too demanding

This morning I upset Mum, she phoned and said I would call her back as I had just cooked eggs for breakfast, called her back straight after I had taken them out of the pan (didn't even eat them) and she would not talk to me.

Had to go shopping so bought her some flowers, as I had obviously done something wrong, took these up to her, and was told that I was difficult to talk to and said that I was thoughtless and too busy to be a good daughter – made me sad, left without being friends as Mum and Dad were both against me and I didn't want to fight.

Came home and did the preparation for Thursday night’s evening class.  Think I am all ready for it now, that is a bit of pressure off.  Bit nervous as apparently boss’s boss is joining us – not sure if I have already said that – obviously playing on the mind a bit :o( sure it will be ok though.


Also, got a bit of work done on my bag, ran out of threads for the tassels so had to dye some more.

IMG_4410 IMG_4411 

Ralph is back to his old self, so that is good.  Will take him for a walk tomorrow.

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