Sunday, 13 September 2009

Good news

Had another lovely day, but diet went a bit wonky as ended up going to Mums fro roast lamb and there was apple and blackberry crumble for pud, and cheese and biscuits for afters……….

Mel and Rob were there and I felt baby kick :o), Mel looks really well.

Then home to paint my bag and dye the tread for the tassels and handle, not sure if I like it…………… the plan in my head and the samples that I did worked, but it looks rather hard at the moment, hopefully once all the colours have lost the hard edges and is dry it will look better, otherwise I think I will have to get the emulsion out!!!!

The good news, other than Mums lovely lunch, and feeling baby kicking is that I have just got an email for Pauline to confirm that my course is going to run – brilliant.  Good job I have started on lesson number 4.  Thought I would kill to birds with one stone.  School House arts are going to do a workshop on ‘Fairy Shoes’ and I needed to make a pair, so this was my job today, decided to do them in Cherrilyn Tyler style, and thought that we could make some carded silk paper at college and machine embroider this, and of course they could always make the fairy shoes with it if they wish.

Work in progress.


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