Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Good day today

Been busy but have accomplished a lot so that is good and am looking forward to tomorrow, bit nervous, but that is good, it will keep me on my toes!

I was going to pack the car tomorrow morning  and take all the stuff to work with me and go straight from there, but got a bit carried away with my bag tonight, so still need to pack machines and sewing bits up, but that is not a problem.

dyed threads tassels galore

  trying out the colour placement of the tassels tassels sewn in - not sure if I am impressed with handle

Also, decided that that would be a really long time to leave Ralph on his own, so shall either try and knock off early, done enough extra hours for boss the agree to this, or duck home at lunch time.  It is nice when I do that it breaks the day up and I feel like I have had a real break.

Only problem is – hip has gone again, hope the ibuprofen work tonight………….