Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fen Edge Textiles


Today was our first day back to our Exhibiting Group.   It was lovely to meet up with every one again, old friends and new members.  Margaret has been invited to join our group and it was a bit touch and go if she could make it today as she is under going treatment at the moment.  But she has decided to face it head on and not it it be the big ‘I am’ in here life that it was threatening to be.  We had a lovely day and on the way home we decided to call in and see the ERTF exhibition – excellent.  Need to get involved in this.  Some lovely pieces of work, especially liked Jenny’s (the lady who lent me the Kantha book, the one that I nearly didn't return as I coveted it so much!!), Jayne Barrys work – stunning and and there was a small owl picture that also took my fancy, but cant remember the lady’s name as we ended up talking – as usual, that was Sharne’s fault!!! :o)

But when we were at FET Pauline got us sewing odd bit together – it was really useful exercise, I now know that I dont want to do what I thought I wanted to do, cos it looks like a clothes horse!!

Some of the other pieces that the girls did and my clothes horse!!!.

This is Bonny, Sharne and Margaret in Cambridge after seeing the ERTF exhibition, and of course the random railing and church spire thrown in for good measure!

Oh yes, and very grand building, bicycle and drunken bronzed man!!!!

Off to have fish and chips on Old Leigh sea front – bang goes the diet……..


Miriam Weaver said...

I'm glad that you had such a lovely day. It would be great if you and Sharne joined ERTF, you'll be in time to join in the next exhibition at Warners Archive in 2010!

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