Sunday, 6 September 2009

Another Good Day

Went for a walk along the river, the water always makes me feel at peace with the world.      


There was a fishing competition on and we were lucky enough to see one fish being caught – beautiful, a Pike, after the photo call he was safely put back in the water but – Ralph was also determined to try his hand at the fishing lark and he was in the water to try and re-catch the poor fish – at this point his lead went on!


We then took a detour down a fairly un-used foot path and there were blackberries galore – they are super foods which are meant to speed up dieting, I now understand why, you use so much energy dodging the  stinging nettles that any calories the blackberries have you will have used up in picking them!!

TheIMG_4387re were also Damsons on the trees which were just in reach so there was a feast fit for a King – so to speak.



Then home and did most of the write up for the 3rd lesson (hope it will go ahead) only got 10 people signed up and apparently need more than that for it to run :o(

Also made final sample for week 3.


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