Thursday, 3 September 2009

All go…… and double booking!

Life is all go, which is good but the juggling gets a bit out of hand at times!

Double booked the 21st November, problem is running two diaries, work one and personal, like paper diary for home but have to use electronic one for work :o(

All sorted now, thought I was going to have to miss the Booze Cruise to Calais with the girls from work as I had agreed to do a workshop for the EG on the same day but that hadn't been transferred into the work diary!

Libby came to the rescue and we are swapping our days, the only down side to that is she is doing a kantha workshop – and I love kantha work.  Hopefully she will let me have a look at some of her samples so that I don't miss out totally.

Last night was spent very profitably and now have all samples for evening class 3, just need to write the lesson plan and supporting notes to go with what I have decided to do.