Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fen Edge Textiles


Today was our first day back to our Exhibiting Group.   It was lovely to meet up with every one again, old friends and new members.  Margaret has been invited to join our group and it was a bit touch and go if she could make it today as she is under going treatment at the moment.  But she has decided to face it head on and not it it be the big ‘I am’ in here life that it was threatening to be.  We had a lovely day and on the way home we decided to call in and see the ERTF exhibition – excellent.  Need to get involved in this.  Some lovely pieces of work, especially liked Jenny’s (the lady who lent me the Kantha book, the one that I nearly didn't return as I coveted it so much!!), Jayne Barrys work – stunning and and there was a small owl picture that also took my fancy, but cant remember the lady’s name as we ended up talking – as usual, that was Sharne’s fault!!! :o)

But when we were at FET Pauline got us sewing odd bit together – it was really useful exercise, I now know that I dont want to do what I thought I wanted to do, cos it looks like a clothes horse!!

Some of the other pieces that the girls did and my clothes horse!!!.

This is Bonny, Sharne and Margaret in Cambridge after seeing the ERTF exhibition, and of course the random railing and church spire thrown in for good measure!

Oh yes, and very grand building, bicycle and drunken bronzed man!!!!

Off to have fish and chips on Old Leigh sea front – bang goes the diet……..

Friday, 25 September 2009

Jill’s 60th birthday bash

Lovely lovely evening, laughed and ate too much.

The five of usThe pictures say it all. Jill's pressie   Chicken Djon - dissapointingIMG_4439 Jill and LesIMG_4440    and finally a half decent phot with Bev in it!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

First night of the Embroidery Course

I  have really enjoyed myself, what a lovely bunch of people.  Didn’t get nearly as much done as I thought we would, I probably have the whole 15 weeks lessons planned in the 4 that I have prepared!!!

Cream crackered, but happy that the evening went well.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Good day today

Been busy but have accomplished a lot so that is good and am looking forward to tomorrow, bit nervous, but that is good, it will keep me on my toes!

I was going to pack the car tomorrow morning  and take all the stuff to work with me and go straight from there, but got a bit carried away with my bag tonight, so still need to pack machines and sewing bits up, but that is not a problem.

dyed threads tassels galore

  trying out the colour placement of the tassels tassels sewn in - not sure if I am impressed with handle

Also, decided that that would be a really long time to leave Ralph on his own, so shall either try and knock off early, done enough extra hours for boss the agree to this, or duck home at lunch time.  It is nice when I do that it breaks the day up and I feel like I have had a real break.

Only problem is – hip has gone again, hope the ibuprofen work tonight………….

Monday, 21 September 2009

Embroidery's guild meeting

A good meeting tonight, we had Delia Pusey come along with her bags, and there were many, a very good evening.

Sue bought along her finished piece that she had started in the workshop that I ran in July at Bishops Hill.  It was very different from the samples I showed, she had made the technique very much her own.  Excellent.

Sue's Textured Picture  detail 

Denise also came along with her a sample of her wares from Craft Arena so there were lots of different things to buy, so now off to bed to read one of the two magazines that I bought.

 IMG_4430 IMG_4431

Oh yes, also won the threads that Myfanwy Hart had donated – lovely

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Things could only get better!

Better day today, even had a lay in!

Sun shining, so decided to rinse the fabric out that was nicely rusting away outside – very impressed, I had used different weights and textures of fabric as I want to use these to build a brick wall behind some rails – well that is the plan!!  I love the way that the fabric take the rust differently, didn't think I would be this lucky, but it works the same as if I was using dye, the silk accepts it differently to cotton.


Also, realised I needed purple tassels so had to dye some purple viscose thread, then thought it would be a good idea if I couched the piping (in purple) to the top of the bag, so some silk thread went in too.

Phoned Mum.  Pleased I did it, but she was very aloof :o( at least I had held the olive branch out.

Embroidery’s Guild tomorrow night, looking forward to that, Liz cant bring her some as she is doing a 02 Textile meeting, so thought I would phone Denise and ask her to bring Craft Arena along – bit short notice, she will see what she can do.

Decided to see what I could do with my beautiful fabrics, very please with my immaculate and perfect brick wall, confidently placed scrim  over the top for the railings.  Reverse appliqu├ęd, the result was a disappointing ‘Garden Gate’ quilt :o(

Lovely fabric brick wallin the ditch quiltedrailings traced on tissue on backsandwich with scrim on front

Thought I could rescue it with paint, embellisher and stitch…

garden gate with paintgarden gate with paint, knocked back with embellisherdetail of garden gate with paint, knocked back with embellisherand with seeding stitch

but think I am flogging a dead horse.

Nice fabric – shame about the quilt!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Life is just a little too demanding

This morning I upset Mum, she phoned and said I would call her back as I had just cooked eggs for breakfast, called her back straight after I had taken them out of the pan (didn't even eat them) and she would not talk to me.

Had to go shopping so bought her some flowers, as I had obviously done something wrong, took these up to her, and was told that I was difficult to talk to and said that I was thoughtless and too busy to be a good daughter – made me sad, left without being friends as Mum and Dad were both against me and I didn't want to fight.

Came home and did the preparation for Thursday night’s evening class.  Think I am all ready for it now, that is a bit of pressure off.  Bit nervous as apparently boss’s boss is joining us – not sure if I have already said that – obviously playing on the mind a bit :o( sure it will be ok though.


Also, got a bit of work done on my bag, ran out of threads for the tassels so had to dye some more.

IMG_4410 IMG_4411 

Ralph is back to his old self, so that is good.  Will take him for a walk tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Up early but,

Up with the larks and was raring to go this morning, downstairs and all ready to take Ralph across the fields, but he had been ill during the night, maybe a stroke, he was having difficulty in walking.  He didn't seem to be in pain, stroked and prodded and couldn't find anything that was wrong, didn't want to eat.

Left him on the settee this morning with the heating on, checked him a lunch time and he seemed a little better and managed to eat a posh biscuit!

This evening there was a little more movement and he had not been ill again. 

Not sure where the evening went, achieved very little and had such great plans, all I managed to do was to put the soles on the Fairy Shoes!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fitting everything in

Yesterday before work I had an extra few minutes, so decided to wash the dye out of my bag and threads that I had painted.  So I got out of the bath, the bag went in!!!

 bag rinsing in bath threads in kitchen sink with comfort so they dont tangle too badly all laid out on a towel to dry not quite the colour I had planned, but very vibrant!

It all has dried nicely now.  Had hoped to start stitching but had to have my first meeting at Bishops Hall (proper teacher person now!!) and didn’t get in until late and then had to register with IfL, and now its bed time

Free evening tomorrow so hopefully I will get bits done then.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Good news

Had another lovely day, but diet went a bit wonky as ended up going to Mums fro roast lamb and there was apple and blackberry crumble for pud, and cheese and biscuits for afters……….

Mel and Rob were there and I felt baby kick :o), Mel looks really well.

Then home to paint my bag and dye the tread for the tassels and handle, not sure if I like it…………… the plan in my head and the samples that I did worked, but it looks rather hard at the moment, hopefully once all the colours have lost the hard edges and is dry it will look better, otherwise I think I will have to get the emulsion out!!!!

The good news, other than Mums lovely lunch, and feeling baby kicking is that I have just got an email for Pauline to confirm that my course is going to run – brilliant.  Good job I have started on lesson number 4.  Thought I would kill to birds with one stone.  School House arts are going to do a workshop on ‘Fairy Shoes’ and I needed to make a pair, so this was my job today, decided to do them in Cherrilyn Tyler style, and thought that we could make some carded silk paper at college and machine embroider this, and of course they could always make the fairy shoes with it if they wish.

Work in progress.


Saturday, 12 September 2009

No sewing :o(

But a lovely day.

For some daft reason I started doing the housework this morning…. strange I know, but it was time for a Spring Cleaning!, curtains hovered, loose covers and bed washed, washing basket up to date and all ironing done, floors swept and mopped, it now looks lovely (even fixed the computer – with Richard’s help), only need to clean the brass and I will be all ship shape !

Had a lovely lunch with Linda and Sue, Lin suggested that we have a weekend in Seville in October, sounds great, we are going to check it out.

Katie phoned this evening and said that they will be coming down for Isabella’s birthday, 28th October for the weekend, lovely.

But think I will have to duck out of Seville now, as I cant see that I can do Seville on the 3rd, then long weekend at Missenden on the 16th, the Fen Edge on the 23rd then the family for 4 days on the 28th……………….

Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday evening, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, lovely

Went to the Docs today for my weigh in and see if they would give me some more vouchers for the fat club, sadly no more vouchers, so I now have to pay, but the good news that in 3 months I have lost 15lbs, fairly please with myself especially as there was a holiday in the middle of that, but still can’t get into my nice jeans so still need to lose a bit more.

Think it will be a chill weekend, meeting Linda and Sue for lunch tomorrow, but that is about it, so hopefully I will get a bit of stitching done, been doing a fair bit of design work and have loads of ideas, not sure how to make any of them yet, but at least thoughts are happening! 

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Not much to report, but

thought I should write something……….

Today was quite emotional, one of my tenants that I have helped for many years was having a particularly bad time, would like to write what was happening to him, because it is on my mind, but cant because of confidentiality.  We don't realise just how fortunate we all are, there for the grace of god go I.  So often I think why do I have to work so hard, why don't I have more free time to do what I really want to do, see my children and grandchildren, help Mum and Dad more, and of course my stitching bits – and then occasionally I am bought back to reality, like today.  Gosh I am so lucky.

Tonight I came home and played in my room – a good feeling, and now I will phone Dave in NZ as I needed a drink and all I could find was his old Gin from Spain – it must be 5 years old!!!

Then bed with my new book – art + quilt, it looks quite good.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Another Good Day

Went for a walk along the river, the water always makes me feel at peace with the world.      


There was a fishing competition on and we were lucky enough to see one fish being caught – beautiful, a Pike, after the photo call he was safely put back in the water but – Ralph was also determined to try his hand at the fishing lark and he was in the water to try and re-catch the poor fish – at this point his lead went on!


We then took a detour down a fairly un-used foot path and there were blackberries galore – they are super foods which are meant to speed up dieting, I now understand why, you use so much energy dodging the  stinging nettles that any calories the blackberries have you will have used up in picking them!!

TheIMG_4387re were also Damsons on the trees which were just in reach so there was a feast fit for a King – so to speak.



Then home and did most of the write up for the 3rd lesson (hope it will go ahead) only got 10 people signed up and apparently need more than that for it to run :o(

Also made final sample for week 3.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Orsett Show

Set off for Heaver Castle today, but time seem to be running away with us, on the way there we saw a sign saying Orsett Show and decided to amend our plans. 

Had a good day, saw some traction engines, strangely I rather like these, sheep shearing, horse and hounds and jousting.

IMG_4381 IMG_4379 

Then went to Lakeside and bought a new skirt and shoes  in M&S sale – do like a bargain.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

All go…… and double booking!

Life is all go, which is good but the juggling gets a bit out of hand at times!

Double booked the 21st November, problem is running two diaries, work one and personal, like paper diary for home but have to use electronic one for work :o(

All sorted now, thought I was going to have to miss the Booze Cruise to Calais with the girls from work as I had agreed to do a workshop for the EG on the same day but that hadn't been transferred into the work diary!

Libby came to the rescue and we are swapping our days, the only down side to that is she is doing a kantha workshop – and I love kantha work.  Hopefully she will let me have a look at some of her samples so that I don't miss out totally.

Last night was spent very profitably and now have all samples for evening class 3, just need to write the lesson plan and supporting notes to go with what I have decided to do.