Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Life twists and turns and one decision leads to another, but which route to take is sometime a puzzle.

My time seems to have been freed up a bit, so now need to decide as to whether I do take the plunge and do the next level of C&G’s, and if so do I do the residential course in Woodbridge with Annette Morgan, which will have time constraints to work to, but the added bonus is people contact and it is in one of my most favourite places.


Do I do an on line course (which is a lot more money) probably I would learn more from the support they would offer (the Kemshalls, and I very much like their style of work) but I will be working remotely.


If I choose the online choice I will still be going to FET (Pauline’s group) and could bounce ideas off the walls there………….. perhaps I’ll email Pauline.

On a brighter note, I am enjoying putting the class together for Bishops Hall, think we will have fun.

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chrissythreads said...

As a long term distance learner (did my C&G distance and am now 2/3rds way through my degree - OPUS now JCS) I just thought I'd give you a couple of plus points and a couple of Minus ones as I know what a difficult decision it is. Plus points- you can work as and when you want and the quality of tutors can be top notch.Minus points it is very isolating, keeping motivated is v. hard and even if you have the support of an exhibitng group they can get a bit fed up with bouncing ideas for your course. If you visit my blog you will get some idea of some of my highs and lows as its dedicated to my progress through the degree.
I am sure you'll have great sucess whatever you decide- good luck.