Saturday, 29 August 2009

Think I might have to re-think my objectives for this weekend

Forgot about having to do the food shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning the house (haven’t done that bit yet, guess I will have an early start tomorrow!)

But, have had a lovely day, went to the Remnant Shop and they had some sheeting half price, so a snapped some of that up for the samples that I am making.  Lesson 2 now has its samples made and all that I now need to do is the lesson plan and hand out, that I will do on Monday, would also like to do a bit of design work for me on Monday, so guess lesson 3 wont happen this weekend!

Chris came round this afternoon with a trout for me – it was beautiful, but not gutted, so with knife in hand and sleeves rolled up and about to make the first incision, a thought popped into my head - I should have really taken a photo before the poor thing went under the scalpel for the reference, the colours were amazing,  but by that time I was already slimed.   

Chris also mentioned that there is Dragon Boat racing on the Reservoir tomorrow and hopefully he will be paddling one, so if I manage to feed the brood tomorrow by a reasonable time I will suggest that we go down and support him Chris – sounds like fun.