Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quick recap!!

What has happened to the summer, have had a lovely 5 weeks.  Holiday in Turkey, had full intension to do a blog about it and post some of the wonderful photos I took but need I say more…….

The grandchildren arrived, 3 weekends on the trot!! Bit like bus’s don’t see them forever and then all at once!  How they have grown  - a really special few weeks.

Gramos and Oliver Nan and Isabella Nan, Gramps, Isablella and Oliver xx Rob and Mel Holly and Molly  Happy Birthday Gus Nan and Gus Nanny and Holly (with plaster on head) Birthday boy - Gus Kirsty old friend Chris Spurling

Then a weekend to recover, but that just seemed to get filled with stuff, but went to the Devils Punch Bowl in Surrey – beautiful.

Amazing the car passed its MOT on Thursday – thought I might have a reason to upgrade – but no!!

Then yesterday it was the Festival of Quilts, came home filled with enthusiasm, oh yes, and full shopping bags – but one has to doesn't one!

Exhausted so bed early to read one of the must buy books.

Woke up at 7am, sun shining, over the fields with Ralf, picked blackberries and ate them on the way back, home and bath, hung washing on the line, noticed that the figs were ready to pick, so up the ladder.

 figs picked from tree this morning


And now have a full day ahead of me to play with my purchases, threads, fabric and paints – what more could someone ask from life.

purchases - work in progress!!