Friday, 28 August 2009

Finally the Bank Holiday is here

Time to get down to the good stuff in life, what do I want to get done, it will be fun to write a list and then see how many of them I actually accomplish!!

I would like to:

Go to Brentwood and check to Remnant Shop – need to see how much their American Muslin is and how much they sell their Bond-a-Web for, seem to be getting through quite a lot of that.

Would like to write two more of my evening classes and do the samples for them!

Finish my Butterfly Mobile (doubtful) – lets say at least get the final butterflies stitched

Start on the design for my Grid Quilt – think I would like to use the fabric that I coloured with rust last summer for this.

Cook Mum, Dad, Mel and Rob Sunday lunch – no negotiation!

And sew some more mirrors on to my bag that is based on the streets and lights of Istanbul.

Bag in progress close up

I have had a lovely start to my Bank Holiday, tonight I sat a sewed a few of the many shisha mirrors on to my bag whilst listening to Joan Baez.  The bag uses three of my favourite techniques, the embellisher, kantha and shisha work, hope it turns out as good as the image is in my head!!

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