Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cant believe Sunday has come and almost gone!

Up early as planned.

Cleaned house, gosh it needed it!

Cooked lunch, roast beef it was lovely and made Rob his long waited Hazelnut and Raspberry Meringue!


The strawberries were for me as I am still trying to diet, but that all went out of the window when Mum arrived with her fabulous Apple and Blackberry Pie……….. oh well, might as well have that glass of wine as well.

Kirsty phoned and I spoke to Holly, she speaks so clearly on the phone now, apparently Peggy Sue has had puppies, eight – gosh I am glad I am not a dog!

Lunch was lovely, Mel and Rob make a very good couple, she has made him so very happy, Mel now has a very round tummy, baby was jumping about, but refused to move when my hand was there :o(

We didn't get to the Dragon Boat racing as the time just seemed to go.

Took Ralph for a long walk over the fields, picked some more blackberries, to have in yoghurt, need to make up for my sinful lunch!

Home and typed up the course notes for week 2 and have decided what I will be doing for week 3.

Tonight I will sit down and watch Wuthering Heights and sew some more mirrors onto my bag.

Miss Peter, feel a bit empty, but guess that feeling will go, there were many times he didn't make me feel good about myself but there were other times when it was lovely to have him around.  Life is sad when it goes pear shape, but hey, I am getting lots of sewing done  :o)