Monday, 31 August 2009

Actually feel like I am getting some where…

Didn’t mange to watch Wuthering Heights last night – for some reason my TV could not find channel 3!! but was ok on every other one……… puzzle, so on went the music and I happily stitched some more mirrors onto my bag.

This morning, did some gardening and washed the car (had also forgot about these in my great scheme of things) and picked some more figs, there are still plenty on the tree, lets hope for the late summer.IMG_4368IMG_4367





Baby frogs in the pond







Roses smell wonderful


The sun was out and there was no way that I was going to sit inside today, so the work room was taken out to the garden







Then I did some ‘design’ work, want to try and do something on the railings that I saw in Turkey, barriers are they keeping us out or the contents of the walled garden safe?


Then indoors to put the two lessons together in the book we will be making – looking good.


So I didn't get the third lesson written, but as I said, have an idea of what I can do, so will play during the week.

But now I am going to see if the TV is working as have been recommended to watch ’Framed’

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cant believe Sunday has come and almost gone!

Up early as planned.

Cleaned house, gosh it needed it!

Cooked lunch, roast beef it was lovely and made Rob his long waited Hazelnut and Raspberry Meringue!


The strawberries were for me as I am still trying to diet, but that all went out of the window when Mum arrived with her fabulous Apple and Blackberry Pie……….. oh well, might as well have that glass of wine as well.

Kirsty phoned and I spoke to Holly, she speaks so clearly on the phone now, apparently Peggy Sue has had puppies, eight – gosh I am glad I am not a dog!

Lunch was lovely, Mel and Rob make a very good couple, she has made him so very happy, Mel now has a very round tummy, baby was jumping about, but refused to move when my hand was there :o(

We didn't get to the Dragon Boat racing as the time just seemed to go.

Took Ralph for a long walk over the fields, picked some more blackberries, to have in yoghurt, need to make up for my sinful lunch!

Home and typed up the course notes for week 2 and have decided what I will be doing for week 3.

Tonight I will sit down and watch Wuthering Heights and sew some more mirrors onto my bag.

Miss Peter, feel a bit empty, but guess that feeling will go, there were many times he didn't make me feel good about myself but there were other times when it was lovely to have him around.  Life is sad when it goes pear shape, but hey, I am getting lots of sewing done  :o)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Think I might have to re-think my objectives for this weekend

Forgot about having to do the food shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning the house (haven’t done that bit yet, guess I will have an early start tomorrow!)

But, have had a lovely day, went to the Remnant Shop and they had some sheeting half price, so a snapped some of that up for the samples that I am making.  Lesson 2 now has its samples made and all that I now need to do is the lesson plan and hand out, that I will do on Monday, would also like to do a bit of design work for me on Monday, so guess lesson 3 wont happen this weekend!

Chris came round this afternoon with a trout for me – it was beautiful, but not gutted, so with knife in hand and sleeves rolled up and about to make the first incision, a thought popped into my head - I should have really taken a photo before the poor thing went under the scalpel for the reference, the colours were amazing,  but by that time I was already slimed.   

Chris also mentioned that there is Dragon Boat racing on the Reservoir tomorrow and hopefully he will be paddling one, so if I manage to feed the brood tomorrow by a reasonable time I will suggest that we go down and support him Chris – sounds like fun.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Finally the Bank Holiday is here

Time to get down to the good stuff in life, what do I want to get done, it will be fun to write a list and then see how many of them I actually accomplish!!

I would like to:

Go to Brentwood and check to Remnant Shop – need to see how much their American Muslin is and how much they sell their Bond-a-Web for, seem to be getting through quite a lot of that.

Would like to write two more of my evening classes and do the samples for them!

Finish my Butterfly Mobile (doubtful) – lets say at least get the final butterflies stitched

Start on the design for my Grid Quilt – think I would like to use the fabric that I coloured with rust last summer for this.

Cook Mum, Dad, Mel and Rob Sunday lunch – no negotiation!

And sew some more mirrors on to my bag that is based on the streets and lights of Istanbul.

Bag in progress close up

I have had a lovely start to my Bank Holiday, tonight I sat a sewed a few of the many shisha mirrors on to my bag whilst listening to Joan Baez.  The bag uses three of my favourite techniques, the embellisher, kantha and shisha work, hope it turns out as good as the image is in my head!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Life twists and turns and one decision leads to another, but which route to take is sometime a puzzle.

My time seems to have been freed up a bit, so now need to decide as to whether I do take the plunge and do the next level of C&G’s, and if so do I do the residential course in Woodbridge with Annette Morgan, which will have time constraints to work to, but the added bonus is people contact and it is in one of my most favourite places.


Do I do an on line course (which is a lot more money) probably I would learn more from the support they would offer (the Kemshalls, and I very much like their style of work) but I will be working remotely.


If I choose the online choice I will still be going to FET (Pauline’s group) and could bounce ideas off the walls there………….. perhaps I’ll email Pauline.

On a brighter note, I am enjoying putting the class together for Bishops Hall, think we will have fun.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Quick recap!!

What has happened to the summer, have had a lovely 5 weeks.  Holiday in Turkey, had full intension to do a blog about it and post some of the wonderful photos I took but need I say more…….

The grandchildren arrived, 3 weekends on the trot!! Bit like bus’s don’t see them forever and then all at once!  How they have grown  - a really special few weeks.

Gramos and Oliver Nan and Isabella Nan, Gramps, Isablella and Oliver xx Rob and Mel Holly and Molly  Happy Birthday Gus Nan and Gus Nanny and Holly (with plaster on head) Birthday boy - Gus Kirsty old friend Chris Spurling

Then a weekend to recover, but that just seemed to get filled with stuff, but went to the Devils Punch Bowl in Surrey – beautiful.

Amazing the car passed its MOT on Thursday – thought I might have a reason to upgrade – but no!!

Then yesterday it was the Festival of Quilts, came home filled with enthusiasm, oh yes, and full shopping bags – but one has to doesn't one!

Exhausted so bed early to read one of the must buy books.

Woke up at 7am, sun shining, over the fields with Ralf, picked blackberries and ate them on the way back, home and bath, hung washing on the line, noticed that the figs were ready to pick, so up the ladder.

 figs picked from tree this morning


And now have a full day ahead of me to play with my purchases, threads, fabric and paints – what more could someone ask from life.

purchases - work in progress!!