Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pauline comes to School House Arts

It never fails to surprise me just how much Sharne and I have in common – even our thought processes when we haven't seen each other for (almost) a week!

….On the way to School House today I said I have had a brilliant idea for our project with Pauline  - subject topic ‘Yesterday’. I thought about doing a ‘time line’ thought this to be a fairly intelligent idea and was very impressed with myself.  Idea is a pole or something suspended horizontally with amulet type bundles that represent the period hanging from it at the appropriate place – pretty good I thought (no idea how I will make it, or what images I could use but hey………., I’ll have another bath and hopefully will receive another thought into this muddled brain of mine!

Oh yes, back to the story, Sharne said “haven’t you read my blog, I am thinking about doing a time line” , the answer is of course no I hadn’t, but after discussion her ideas on presentation will be quite different to mine, so I reckon it will be quite interesting to se the end results.

Well, by that time we had arrived a North Fambridge and Pauline arrived moments later and our day started, load of fun, Pauline kept us all very busy, most of the girls completed 2 books and with a 3rd one on its way.

Pauline has been very generous to us in her support of our group, she says it is because there are so few projects like ours, that are out there, and trying to spread the word of textiles, she is happy to help in whatever way she can.

One of the books she had on display I liked very much and would like to try and do something similar to this myself – similar techniques to what I am working with at the moment.

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