Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My first day at Bishops Hill

I have been really nervous about doing this, worked all day yesterday making samples, going through my lesson plan, packing and then re-packing!  And if that wasn't enough, woke up 3 times during the night thinking is it was time to get up!!!!!!!!!!!

But no need to have worried it went really well, it was certainly helped by them all being a lovely bunch of ladies.

Busily working away  Finshed pieces all ready to be assembled into a little bag.

Then back to Billericay to buy the padlocks for the bag that is going on holiday with me, a quick weigh in at Slimmer's World, another 2lbs off – very pleased, 9 1/2lbs in 4 weeks.

Home, feed me and Ralph, speak to Holly on the phone who was telling me about Bob the Builder and I thought she said she had a burger for tea!!  Then in a very grown up voice she wished me a happy holiday.

Unpack all the stuff from the workshop into their proper home in the workroom (work room has never looked so tidy).

And up here doing my blog by 7pm – impressive I know……..

But now is the time that I have to make a decision on the packing, that is actually putting the clothes in a suitcase rather than have numerous combination of clothes all strewn over the bed…………..