Sunday, 5 July 2009

The demise of the Eucalyptus Tree

There has been a long standing joke of me and my pruning, especially that of my Eucalyptus Tree, this was bought for me by Mum when I first moved into my lovely little home, the garden was rather un-inspiring and my garden has been developed over the years around this lovely tree.

The last picutre of my Eucalyptus Tree, Sunday 5th Junly 2009 Not sure if I am making the right decision :o(

But the garden is now established and the tree got a bit big even with the constant hair cuts that it received from me!!  So it was time to take drastic measures.  I had never thought about taking it down, simply because Mum gave it to me, but Dad remarked on how much shade it put my little garden into and the decision was made.

Dad poised for the off!  Final goodbye Ralph  Too late to change my mind..........  down the workIMG_3266 IMG_3270 at least we should have some wood for the fire this winter....All tidy(ish) - garden looks bigger and is certainly brighter - photo taken in the evening. 

We then took Ralph for a walk and a swim over the fields, Christina then had to take the hose to him when we got home


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