Friday, 3 July 2009

Catch Up

Not sure where the weeks are going let alone the days….. cant believe that our holiday is just round the corner.

This evening I did some playing, lovely, painted nappy liners ready for Bishop Hall’s workshop :o)


Then I embellsihed some silk velvet on to the background that I have prepared to make a bag.

Off up to Cottenham for our Fen Edge Textile meeting.  So got a couple of pressies ready for our game  tomorrow, its really good fun a sort of raffle but you end up stealing the pressie you want from the others!!!.  Looking forward to going up to see the girls and chatting about our exhibition.

Kirsty phone, Holly (2 yrs and a bit) has got her first swimming badge, she can swim a width with arm bands!!  How I would love to see that.  She is really growing up, and apparently Gus has taken 2 steps, miss my grand children :o(