Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My first day at Bishops Hill

I have been really nervous about doing this, worked all day yesterday making samples, going through my lesson plan, packing and then re-packing!  And if that wasn't enough, woke up 3 times during the night thinking is it was time to get up!!!!!!!!!!!

But no need to have worried it went really well, it was certainly helped by them all being a lovely bunch of ladies.

Busily working away  Finshed pieces all ready to be assembled into a little bag.

Then back to Billericay to buy the padlocks for the bag that is going on holiday with me, a quick weigh in at Slimmer's World, another 2lbs off – very pleased, 9 1/2lbs in 4 weeks.

Home, feed me and Ralph, speak to Holly on the phone who was telling me about Bob the Builder and I thought she said she had a burger for tea!!  Then in a very grown up voice she wished me a happy holiday.

Unpack all the stuff from the workshop into their proper home in the workroom (work room has never looked so tidy).

And up here doing my blog by 7pm – impressive I know……..

But now is the time that I have to make a decision on the packing, that is actually putting the clothes in a suitcase rather than have numerous combination of clothes all strewn over the bed…………..

Sunday, 12 July 2009

An end to a great year with Fen Edge Textiles

Today Sharne and I travelled up to Snape Malting to have lunch with the girls from FET, the reason for this (as if you need a reason to visit Snape Maltings!!) was to see TAG’s exhibition which was being held at the Pond Gallery and have a good chin wag with the girls before we break for summer.

The girls - having coffee  Snape Maltings Boat!

Pictures from the TAG’s exhibition.


The girls - waiting for lunch

Some art work which was on display in the gallery Loved both these pieces

On the way home Sharne and I feel silent (strange I know) our minds had both started working on how we could take our new projects forward, mine has now become a triangular tower, the side stitched in a similar fashion to my NZ hangings, but with gaps.  Sharne is now thinking about limiting her palette to a black and white film strip.  It is all very exciting.

Then home to cook evening meal as Mel and Rob were popping over as I haven't seen them for ages, Mel’s bump is coming along beautifully, she looks really well.

Kirsty won first prize in her riding class with Wendy (horse) ‘Best ridden Cobb’. They are coming down for Gus’s birthday on the weekend 8th/9th August.

Then spoke to Richard and they are coming down the weekend before 1st/2nd August, so quite when I will get to start work on my triangular creation, goodness only knows……….

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pauline comes to School House Arts

It never fails to surprise me just how much Sharne and I have in common – even our thought processes when we haven't seen each other for (almost) a week!

….On the way to School House today I said I have had a brilliant idea for our project with Pauline  - subject topic ‘Yesterday’. I thought about doing a ‘time line’ thought this to be a fairly intelligent idea and was very impressed with myself.  Idea is a pole or something suspended horizontally with amulet type bundles that represent the period hanging from it at the appropriate place – pretty good I thought (no idea how I will make it, or what images I could use but hey………., I’ll have another bath and hopefully will receive another thought into this muddled brain of mine!

Oh yes, back to the story, Sharne said “haven’t you read my blog, I am thinking about doing a time line” , the answer is of course no I hadn’t, but after discussion her ideas on presentation will be quite different to mine, so I reckon it will be quite interesting to se the end results.

Well, by that time we had arrived a North Fambridge and Pauline arrived moments later and our day started, load of fun, Pauline kept us all very busy, most of the girls completed 2 books and with a 3rd one on its way.

Pauline has been very generous to us in her support of our group, she says it is because there are so few projects like ours, that are out there, and trying to spread the word of textiles, she is happy to help in whatever way she can.

One of the books she had on display I liked very much and would like to try and do something similar to this myself – similar techniques to what I am working with at the moment.

IMG_3297 IMG_3298 IMG_3299 IMG_3300 IMG_3301 IMG_3302 


Friday, 10 July 2009



Gave up in the end and took the photo to work and scanned t there!

These are the lovely quilts that the ladies from Rothing Valley Quilters made.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Busy busy days

All I seem to have done this week is fill in forms and stuff, hadn't realised just how much paper work had to be completed to run a fun textile course!!!!!

Hopefully they are all done and dusted now, and now can go and do the real work in my play room :0)  still lots of samples to stitch and time is marching on.

Busy day also at work, trying to tie all the lose ends up before I go off on holiday, one of the jobs was to go and see a guy in Colchester, had to drive past the road to Dave’s old house, just had to pop in to have a look – it was up for sale.


Oh, and by the way, didn’t do very well on the weight loss this week :0( only a 1lb, but have done 1/2 stone in 3 weeks, and that is pretty good :o)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday and back to work

Kirsty sent me a lovely picture of Holly and Gus enjoying their bath, looks like they have had fun by the colour of their faces!

Holly and Gus

Too tired tonight, tried to scan a photo of all the quilts that Rothing Valley had done with me last month but cant get the scanner to work, will try again another day ….

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The demise of the Eucalyptus Tree

There has been a long standing joke of me and my pruning, especially that of my Eucalyptus Tree, this was bought for me by Mum when I first moved into my lovely little home, the garden was rather un-inspiring and my garden has been developed over the years around this lovely tree.

The last picutre of my Eucalyptus Tree, Sunday 5th Junly 2009 Not sure if I am making the right decision :o(

But the garden is now established and the tree got a bit big even with the constant hair cuts that it received from me!!  So it was time to take drastic measures.  I had never thought about taking it down, simply because Mum gave it to me, but Dad remarked on how much shade it put my little garden into and the decision was made.

Dad poised for the off!  Final goodbye Ralph  Too late to change my mind..........  down the workIMG_3266 IMG_3270 at least we should have some wood for the fire this winter....All tidy(ish) - garden looks bigger and is certainly brighter - photo taken in the evening. 

We then took Ralph for a walk and a swim over the fields, Christina then had to take the hose to him when we got home


Saturday, 4 July 2009


Today we had our final meeting of the year, the topic obviously was how the exhibition went, needless to say we were very pleased with this numbers that visited and the comments made. 

When then had 5 mini workshops where we shared our own special bits of knowledge with the others.

Played our silly game and I won the Pink Pig Book – a black one so the will be lovely to record my forthcoming holiday to Turkey in.

 Sharne Some of the girls  More of the girls Pauline giving a demo Pauline' braclet in the making Pauline's braclet

Then home, nappy liners had dried beautifully so the lutrador and tyvek got the same treatment!!

Lutrador and tyvek

Another excellent day

Friday, 3 July 2009

Catch Up

Not sure where the weeks are going let alone the days….. cant believe that our holiday is just round the corner.

This evening I did some playing, lovely, painted nappy liners ready for Bishop Hall’s workshop :o)


Then I embellsihed some silk velvet on to the background that I have prepared to make a bag.

Off up to Cottenham for our Fen Edge Textile meeting.  So got a couple of pressies ready for our game  tomorrow, its really good fun a sort of raffle but you end up stealing the pressie you want from the others!!!.  Looking forward to going up to see the girls and chatting about our exhibition.

Kirsty phone, Holly (2 yrs and a bit) has got her first swimming badge, she can swim a width with arm bands!!  How I would love to see that.  She is really growing up, and apparently Gus has taken 2 steps, miss my grand children :o(

Pete’s Birthday

2nd July was Pete’s Birthday, I did a surprise dinner for him and invited Jenny and Dave over, had a lovely evening and Sharnes suggestion of Chicken and Boursin worked wonders – and dead easy.

Fab evening.