Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tough day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day started off by attending a meeting at the Cliff Pavilion in Southend, agenda was Housing Benefits, not riveting, but they has a fabulous facilitator that got the day off on a really good foot, this was helped with the lovely views, good coffee, fab biscuits and an even better lunch!

view from Cliff pavillion over the river Thamesview from Cliff pavillion over the river Thames

view from Cliff pavillion over the river Thamesview from Cliff pavillion over the river Thames

Then back to work, had to go past Pete’s so decided to buy him a surprise for when he got home :o) this involved stopping off at the local parade of shops to buy a chocolate bar and a geranium, the later was bought from Dave’s Hardware – blast from the past, reckon he must have at least one of ANYTHING you may want in there.  He looked at me a bit strange when I asked if I could take a photo of his shop for my blog.  He then realised that he was speaking to someone who was as equally as nutty as he.  Apparently he has a website – not to sell anything  but just about the shop, an excuse to do cartoon pages; said I would put the link on the site for him.  If you are about in Eastwood, pop in he is a really nice guy, and of course mention the barmy lady with  the camera

Arkwrights store?Dave's Hardware!

Then after work I picked Sharne up and it was off to Writtle College to see if we could use it for our Embroiders Guild’s Regional Day in 2011.  Absolutely perfect, so at least we now have a venue………………….

Writtle College - main entranceaspect from front door  lecture room - when open holds 250 balcony of lecture theatre (they open te doors to make it bigger!and another 60 if balcony used corridors outside lecture hall which can be used for display - this way and that way...............  restaurant they will provide catering - 2 course meal £4.50 IMG_2982 IMG_2985Sharne our Secretary taking copious notes! pleanty of beautiful gardens to sit outside if you wish  more gardens lots of inspiration for those who are inclined

We were then shown the art studios – and guess what there was the student end of year exhibitions

you are what you eatdress made from magazine cuttings

and the work of this young artist, Rebecca Lee,  was wonderful

IMG_2989 IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 

and now, I am going to play ………….

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