Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sutton Hoo – the day of our exhibition

Thought I would let the pictures tell the story again.

We had a lovely day, think we had about 100 people through the door, which was amazing as we had torrential rain, but in the true British fashion we still managed our picnic, but quickly before the heavens opened again.

Our big day (really need to sort that diet out!)

 IMG_2949this wayIMG_2943IMG_2937IMG_2945IMG_2948IMG_2953 IMG_2944Our Venue Our Venuesales tableexhibits exhibitsexhibits 




   some of our visitors   Pete's Mum, Jean, Pete and ChristinaSharne getting things sorted         Some pictures of our work.

First of all my work

King's Hanging - layaers of sheer, machine stitched , reverse applique, soldering iron embellishmentdetail of King's HangingKing's Purse King's Vase

detail of King's BagKing's Bag, hand and machine embroidered

Found Timbersclose up of Found TimbersIMG_2876Suspension - King's Coinsdetails of King's Coins

Becoming 50 - hand dyed cottons and silks, machine pieced and quilteddetail of Becoming 50Memories of NZRapeseed Filed - Stitch to PaintPloughed Field - Stitch to Paint

Elderberries - Stitch to Paint

and some of Sharne’s work

this is the piece that I covert......... white work dyed ecru! Scroll Trees at Sutton Hoo

Some of the many other pieces, too many to post

IMG_2843IMG_2842       IMG_2855 IMG_2863         IMG_2844IMG_2848but this is the piece that caught the essence of Sutton Hoo for me, well done Jenny         detail of boat, painted and machine stiched, beautiful

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