Saturday, 13 June 2009

Small Chat Exhibition – Thaxted

This morning Sharne and I went to Thaxted to see the Small Chat exhibition, it was excellent, but unfortunately I cant show you any of the lovely work as you are not allowed to take photos – will ask Ann if we can scan the photos we bought from them and upload these for you to see their excellent work – all very different and original.

Fabulous exhibition.

But as I cant have a positing without any photos, here are some of Thaxted

 Thaxted Curch  Colourful street in Thaxted 

I thought the exhibition started at 10am so had arranged an early start, and very pleased that we arrived with minutes to spare.  Then read the poster…. it started at 10.30, could of had another half hour in bed :o(

So we decided to go and have a look at the windmill……. and other stuff

approach to the windmillsurprise surprise - windmill!Sharne and a prickle plant!Sharne thought that this was a wild passion flower, Ann told us that it was called 'Bryney'view from the windmillstreet in Thaxted     another view from the windmill  sadly there were frequent aircraft passing overhead potential inspiration more inspiration 

and then it was 10.30, time to go, we were the first in on their first day, apparently next year they will not be holding their exhibition here, but at the Knit and Stitch Shows all around the country.  Not at all surprised, their work most definitely set a bench mark test for us all.

Guild Hall Thaxted, beams white washed with limeGuild Hall ThaxtedChristina Brazier, member of Small Chat and Chelmsford's Embroidery Guild up the stairs to the exhibition

Then we drove over to Harlow to see Denise’s C&G’s work (forgot to take camera with us, as could take photos at Small Chat, the elderly brain had not registered that we might be able to photograph this work) a display of work to be proud off. And then home for Lizzie’s 21st Birthday party.

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