Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Lovely Day (except for the work bit!)

Rob and Mel have had their first scan today, Rob tells me that the baby waved to him!  Our new addition is 10 weeks old and is due on the 2nd of January, so Mel will have to keep her legs crossed if he is going to be born on the 12th (my birthday).

Kirsty phone to say Gus was all fixed – took me a while to work  out what this meant…. she has had the final appointment at the hospital about  his little  leg, but now it is all nice and straight.  Apparently he can even stand still without holding on for a couple of seconds, he will be one on the 9th August.  Miss them terribly being so far away.  Spoke to Holly on the phone and she sounded very grown up (2 years old)

Work – got moaned at again for having too many files…… thought that meant I did a lot of work ……… apparently the wrong sort of work – bit like British Rail with leaves on the track – today I let it get to me, so bought the girls chocolates to make us feel better.

Got home and went to see Mum and Dad, their wedding anniversary.

Then went for a walk over the fields, lovely, really soothes the soul.

My walk

 through the gateover to the pondspied some flowersdown the pathover the bridge  take in the views - lovely, breath in and smell the air.......... back down the other path  through the gate to home  

with Ralph


Then Rob came over to show me the picture of our baby, he is only 3cms long and very beautiful (baby – not Rob)  x

And now, I am going to try an be creative…………………….…. as Pauline has agreed that we should go ahead with the exhibition next year in the Maeldune Centre in Malden, start date September, so better get the brain cells kicked back into gear!

Never a dull moment at Stoney Hills………

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