Saturday, 20 June 2009

Last day at Sutton Hoo

Seem to have a smile on my face most of the time now a days – things keep getting better and better.

Had a lovely email from Myfanwy Hart who complimented our Guild of being such a lovely and friendly lot, we are but it is nice to hear it from a visitor.

Had over a hundred visitors to our exhibition, many of whom took a great deal of time to ‘really’ look at the work, many compliments were made about the exhibition and we meet some lovely people.  One of our visitors had spent her young life near Billericay and had been taught at St John’s School, the school that Sharne and Pete teach at, she and her husband then said they had met at Writtle College – that is where our Embroiders Guild will be hosting our Regional Day in 2011 – small world.                                                                                                                      

We had an unusual visitor who was extremely hungry……..

Sharne bought a teddy to give to Mum for her Church Bazzar

Teddy was hungry so he shared my banana!






We also had three some extra special visitors, Mum and Dad, Leigh (friend from work) and Sharne’s family.

    Mum and DadMe and Lee

Sharne    Kezzie taking a photo (Sharne's daughter)







Kirsty sent me a picture of Holly in holly in a bucketa bucket – cant believe how quickly she is growing up, wish they lived closer :o(




To be continued……………..

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