Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Getting things sorted

First of all this evening I managed to get my old printer working again, not sure what I did, but after prodding and pocking it a bit, it came back to life – printing black and white beautifully, no colour, so have ordered it a new cartridge and hopefully I will be back and fully functioning in that department again!!

Spoke to Rob, he has finished his 3 years at college, hopefully he will very soon get his cards and he will be a fully qualified electrician – I am very proud of him, he has work very hard to get to this point, doing two exams hand in hand in the last year.

Then Liz phoned to thank me for her 21st birthday gift (money actually) as really had no idea what to buy and I am rubbish at shopping!!!  Chris and Les gave her a super camera for her birthday so she can now buy one of the many gadgets that you need to go with these very complicated pieces of equipment.  I am actually quite envious, photography is something I would like to explore more fully – if I ever find a free moment!

Then into my work room to start preparation for my summer school day at Bishops Hill.  Think I might have to bring the egg timer into action as just this little bit took an hour!  Got carried away pushing bits of water soluble paper around!!

Painted watersoluble paper, bond-a-web, lutrador, nappy liner and tyvek.  With the very important clock in the background!!

I know they look a bit in your face, but expect them to dry back into slightly more subtle colours – otherwise I’ll be re-doing them again tomorrow! 

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Miriam Weaver said...

I did a summer school there last year with Belinda Berkovitz, and the lunches were very good. The workshop wasn't bad either!
I'm sure yours will be a really good too, sorry that I wont be able to come along. I've heard really good things about Sutton Hoo.